Friday, 20 January 2017

TaB, doubleTaB and more sex scenes!

So! Now for some fun news!

I TOTALLY forgot to announce the release of TaB here and on my blog (doh) I was just too busy and caught up in things. Everything with me goes slow, even my announcements! The Poser version has been for sale over at Renderotica already for a few weeks. The DAZ version is getting rounded off and has already undergone testing. Shouldn't be too long now.

Project E

As promised I have resumed development on project E, albeit I am still balancing it out with comics and other small projects. As you will have noticed I made a nice simple base texture for a character called Lucinda (the redhead) but in doing so I discovered some small issues in the UV map that needed fixing. They made the texture warp unnaturally so I spent some time straightening that out. I just cleaned up the new rig so I think I'm about ready to start making morphs... gulp...

Seeing Double??

But speaking of other small projects, after reading a WHOLE bunch of suggestions in the forums for TaB, someone mentioned the possibility of having a double willy, and immediately I thought: "Hm, I can do that." And within a day I more or less had put DoubleTaB together!

Model on right is a photoshopped concept image.

So its basically two TaBs joined together at the hip, with a special new hip mesh, but for the rest everything works the same as the original TaB, each with their own movement controls, morphs, and also the possibility to combine the erotextures with the two willies. It only supports the Ero UV format, but if it really does well, and if enough people ask for it, I'll consider doing different UV versions... but the UV map is VERY complicated to do, so... ya...

Now I have NO IDEA if this would interest anyone, so I'm going to pitch it in the forums of Rotica and see what people will say. Maybe it might be too ridiculous lol. Anyway, DoubleTaB is almost complete, and as usual the initial version will be Poser only. The DS version will probably follow soon after.

Other projects

I also have other things that might be hitting the store soon, in collaboration with some other CG artists and vendors, for example an archery set and also some nice shoes. Besides that I'll probably release some nice stuff to go along with Sen's first comic. More on this later!

More SEX!!!

Now for some fun comic news. Regarding the Disco Dragon 3 and Sen's comics, nothing new there. They're still rendering bit-by-bit. But I've decided to start doing something fun with some of the free series I've been posting over at Art of Darkness and Deviant Art. I've already started collecting all of the threads and all the comments that helped the series grow, and what I want to do is compile them into a comic format, and then add some additional sexy scenes and sell them as mini comics on Renderotica. 

So for example I'm going to finish the Arcas Afterparty series with Clips and Lali going at it upstairs, expand a little more on the Pock Rescue series sex scene between von Graff and Lali, and maybe also some additional naughty scenes with clips and Julie in the pool during the pool party. So basically they'll all still be available to see for free on DA and AoD, but the additional naughty scenes would need to be purchased. I won't ask for much, just a little compensation for the effort of putting it together, for example.

Oh and btw! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! lol


  1. whuuuuuaaaat? It has been released allready?
    Where is the link?^^ (don't go often to renderotica.. sorry but this site gives me the creeps... a website like in 1999)

    Also I really like the double willie! Makes demons and monstes really easy.
    Some of my older works include a demon with double dongs.
    In my recent works I allways try to avoid weird looking things a double dongs usually don't look that great with the methods I tried.

    So your double TaB would be appreciated by me :)

    1. I'm not allowed to link to a commercial website on blogger ;) but here's something:

      rotica dot com /store/sku/56204_TaB-v1-02-Core-Pack

      hehe yeah it seems that the double willy might actually work for some folks! I'll complete it soon! cheers man!

  2. Thanks for the great update and I'm VERY much looking forward to the DS version of TAB. Amazing masterpiece you created! WOW!

    1. hehe thanks so much!!! I'll keep you posted!

  3. wait..AOD is back up? I thought it went down?
    I will likely be picking up TAB in the next couple weeks after my company's merger completes.
    Proj E is looking great!

    1. no AoD is still 'Down' but I can still access it to copy all the threads.

      Remind me are you running Poser or DS?


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