Sunday, 10 February 2013

Lali Bits Video Demo: Simple penetration

This is a very simple video to be played in a loop. I didn't have the luxury of rendering something longer cuz I have to finish off the manual and other stuff. Its just a loop to demonstrate some possibilities regarding animating Lali's Bits in time-based media, namely simple vaginal penetration.
About 6 morphs were animated here:
  1. Clit X
  2. Pussy Opening Control
  3. Push in-out
  4. Left Side Adjust
  5. Labia rotate in
  6. Labia out

excl V4's arm movement and the dildo. The last two were not necessary, just for extra effect. You could even go further and animate the labia majora around the clitoris (called Clit Zone X) or with Pussy Side-Side (very slightly).

... hmm shit, it doesn't loop :P 
I posted it on Renderotica, where you can download it if you want.


  1. Outstanding work!

    I'm sure Stimuli and other animators can't wait for this release.

    After you've released Lali's Bits is their a slight possibility you could give Michael 4 a similar makeover! The bite-size 'W├╝rstchen' DAZ fobbed us off with wouldn't satisfy an ant! :P

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