Saturday, 2 February 2013

Update... :)

I don't know if I DARE announce this because before you know it, some strange bug is going to shove its dick up my ass yet again but here goes:

Ken managed to program it and now its working for Poser 7 too :D

We're just trying to get it to work for any V4 possible, and not just the standard V4. And the DAZ version will probably also work with this idea, it just requires different morph sources (not PMD). Ken is programming it all in python. Light a candle for the man.

Holy crap I can't wait to release this thing and get it overwith. At least now we know how to fucking do it.

EDIT: yep the scripts are working! Poser 8 is now in business (therefore probably also Poser 7, needs to be checked) . DAZ users one step closer, but Poser version will be released first. The DAZ injection needs to go through the ExP method (failed on us for some reason, so we have to manually do it).

You'll be able to choose between the normal version (if you're completely updated) or a python version that allows the older Poser versions to do the same. Besides that, you can also choose to prepare your standard V4, or some customized V4 you have saved in the library.

There's a small chance we'll have to release it with a small (but avoidable) bug because we cannot seem to solve it. You have to select some random bodypart and not the body, otherwise the dials will be injected randomly... yeah weird huh? We believe its a Poser bug. As always, stay updated!!!

This all will be set in stone and confirmed in a new post. Hold your horses for a bit more.


  1. It will never be bug free! Keep in mind that even through Renderotica, you can issue updates. Or use the update process to get people to a private web site (like many of the 'published artists' at Daz).

    FYI - my renders tend to include V4, Morph++, and A4, done in PP12.

    1. No don't worry, we're not going over the top. We just wanna get it working for a V4 that you have saved in the library, and for PP2010, P9, P8 and P7. That requires a bit of python scripting. if by tonight we cannot get that running, I think we'll just stick to the original V4 modification. It is already compatible with all morph sets primarily due to the fact that it has its own channels (which is causing all the trouble for the older Poser versions and DAZ). But we now know how to fix it.

      And by the way, if you have Poser Pro 2012 SR3.1, then you're sorted. You won't even need the python version. It works flawlessly. It also work for A4 (as most other FBMs), although you'll need to make a vertical adjustment (provided). First try it out on the regular V4 before you try Aiko, then you know what to aim for.

  2. I really can't conceive of what you've been thru with the LSV, but I sure salute your perseverance (and Ken's). We can but hope you make a bundle when it goes commercial, and you can get rid of that fucking Lada sedan and buy an Audi....and pink nail polish and a pallet of ammo for Lali; how very nice it would be to snuggle up next to her and help her load magazines........

    1. ...and load her chamber? And cock the gun? Ok ok, I'll stop there :p

  3. I am completely updated on Poser Pro 2012. I can't wait 'till you get this out to market, Ero. Any idea on a price point?

    1. I can't wait to get this thing released too and get some sleep!! We do have an idea on the price but just wanna discuss it before I announce it. Won't be shocking, considering the magnitude of options included O.o

      If you're 100% on PP12, yep then you're in business none-the less. But I must say, the Python method seems very safe if you have multiple items conforming to the figure.

      I'm sending it for a final round of testing right now.

  4. (claps hands till only bloody stumps remain)
    Awesome! Just bloody awesome.


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