Saturday, 2 March 2013

Chillout time, DAZ and Materials

Hey peeps,

it seems that the most trouble that people have is with the materials. So just a quick few tips:

I always work in Material room > Advanced tab. You do too now ;)

  • in older poser versions, certain SSS features are not supported. So make sure the Alternate Diffuse is disconnected.
  • dial down the Ambient value to 0 even though the color is black (it still glows)
  • get rid of all the Blenders if they confuse you (they were meant for masking work in the original Lali), but make sure the image of the texture is still connected to the diffuse color
  • adjust the brigntness of the prop with gray colin the diffuse color
  • if you use SSS in your material for the prop through Alternate diffuse, dial down the diffuse color to 0
  • I'll add more tips if I think of any

What I'll do, with the update (after the release of the DAZ version obviously) I'll supply a whole bunch of materials for several Poser versions, and I'll try to make a little tutorial about materials and using Poser in general.

DAZ Users, it seems that there's a DAZ version of Ken too. Someone knowledgeable just offered to help out with scripting and the ERC codes in DAZ! yeay. This is a relief because Ken and I just have bugger-all experience in DAZ. I just hope our new helper doesn't feint when he sees Lali's Bits on the inside.

In the meanwhile, like the notice above says, I hope you don't mind that I take a few days off. Lali's Bits is making a much much much bigger impact than I ever expected and the emails, messages, comments, suggestions are plentiful!!!! which is amazing, and I'm extremely grateful for all the support and complements and help. I need a few days for this to sink in. So I whipped out my PC games and chilling a bit.

You can obviously still send me emails, but I'll be slow with responding :)



  1. E., you more than deserve those days off, dude! Imho, what Lali's Bits has done for Vicky's lady parts is on par with Reality's amping up rendering or LAMH and Garibaldi's revolutionizing hair creation.

    Kudos to you and these other pioneers!


  2. I second that, you're doing an awesome job. We Daz users can be happy that you are even going thru the effort of making a Daz version :D
    Keep up the good work!


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