Thursday, 21 March 2013

DAZ Update, P8 materials

Just got word in from the DAZ man. He was delayed due to unfortunate events but said he would try and sort the DAZ version out starting this weekend. I hope he manages because I really wouldn't know where to start with the DAZ scripts. Plus the ExP bugs leaves me and Ken clueless. Hope! hope! hope! hope!

In the meanwhile I'm getting tonnes of emails about non-poser 9 material issues. This is because the material delivered for the vagina is for P9. The one in the injection should just be a plain material (but might have slipped in - I need to check). 

To solve it, go into the Materials room (advanced tab) and disconnect the link coming from the 'Alternate Diffuse' slot. If it still glows, make sure the Ambient Value is set to 0.

If even that fails... make sure your Poser 8 is updated! The last resort is to send me an email and ask me for the material I have planned for the update, and I'll send it to you. Please first try it yourself though, otherwise I'll get piles of emails in one go... plus its good to learn about these material options!!

Besides hoping that the DAZ version will get sorted quickly, and preparing the update, I am gearing myself up for the next comic. I have been practicing my rendering techniques over at AoD where lucky ol' TexBoy managed to get himself on a date with Lali. Check the link here (you'll need to subscribe I think!)

In the meanwhile I'm also renovating some rooms in my house, particularly my workplace. There's a battery inverter coming down from germany that will provide me with uninterrupted power and will protect my equipment from power surges and thunderstorms... in other words, non-stop rendertime!! and normal sleeping patterns (not organizing my life around power-cuts and thunderstorms!). Plus I got myself some small fitness items to train while I wait for both of my PC's to render. Lali Bits is healthy for me!!

Thanks everyone for the support, complements and for buying Lali's Bits and my comics!!!


  1. It's great to hear about the renovations and the new equipment, E! Took me ages before I learned that exercise is good for you and doesn't make you dumber XD My protege and I were walking about that during a shoot yesterday and I set him straight; he's too much like me, sometimes :P

    And having to contend with asthma and diabetes in my dotage exercise is a necessity.

    Looking forward to the updates on Daz and Lali's Bits. Stay safe!

  2. Your loyal and obedient servant Texboy is indeed grateful for the chance to interact with the lovely Lali....I just hope I survive the encounter! Thanks again, lad....


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