Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Blackboards, Project E and Scooby Doo undies

You'll probably see a lot of old renders and stuff from past comics getting posted by me here and there in an attempt to stay in the game until I can start animating Lali and her friends for the next comic. Setting up a comic, props and textures and scenes and... entire 3D figures... is pretty darned time-consuming! Anyways, here's a bit of my progress.

But anyway, a few days ago my girlfriend and I finally took some photos for researching the bending of the thigh. We only did the thighs because the marker pen tickled too much! Here are example photos, but the real ones are obviously ou naturelle haha. Sorry guys, I'm afraid I cannot post those :) We still have to do the knee and elbows after she's recovered from her tickling trauma. For these example photos for you guys I asked her NOT to wear her scooby-doo undies because that would seem a bit dodgy.


Concerning Project E, I did a little bit of work on her, because she'll be making some small public appearances soon. She's anything but finished, lots and lots to do. JCMs, textures, texture seams, I need to redo some of the UV maps, I need to redo her eyes, and some of the mesh needs redoing. It will take a while before I can use her, but I am already looking forward to it. 

Now you might be thinking, huh? didn't she have Lali's head earlier? Well, yeah :) there are already a few versions. I'll leave it at that for now.


  1. Your work is fascinating ..... and whether Scooby Doo or Floral Underwear....
    your girlfriend's legs are certainly beautiful to watch and obviously very helpful ....

    I'm curious to see how it goes .....

    Greetings and of course your girlfriend

    1. thanks, and also my girlfriend says hi :)
      I'm also curious to see where this all goes!!!!

  2. It's mind boggling how much detail you put into scenes. Love it.

    I bet you love telling your girlfriend:“Its all for science.”
    You know, I bet most vendors don't use a real person to understand how bone, muscle,sexy fat, and flesh work when doing all of the complex bends, stretches, and twisting.
    I truly hope your study, and results stand out as the true ground breaking revolutionary you are.

    1. hehehe I bloody well hope so too. My g'friend knows about my work and she loves helping me out :) good source material

      let's see where this goes bro


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