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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Project E, and Comics

Just to let ya'll know I'm not dead... just very busy. You're gonna have to get used to me disappearing from time to time, because that means I'm doing all kinds of crazy shit that might end up in your runtime one day haha. 

No but seriously, for all those that have invested so much time and money in me, I wanna let you know I am not sitting still. In fact I am incredibly busy. The main thing is comics, this damned Lali Lite I've been dying to make for the last half a year now. But since the release of Lali's Bits, it has given me ideas, and I wanna push it a bit further and make my comics really cool! It is the Dawn of a new... or same old... nevermind... 

It is called 'Project E' and its a highly ambitious project. Its not what you think... or maybe it is. Only a few people know (and shhhh!!!) and for now I wana keep it that way because I don't know for sure if I'll manage. The name 'Project E' is not the official name, it is just a working title, or the name of the development of 'E'. Once it comes out, if I succeed, it will be called what 'E' stands for. I am primarily developing it for myself, but I am getting advice from the sidelines from some very experienced and competent people, kind of in the hope that this might be able to hit the market one day, although that's not my main goal. But if I keep it real, it should be the 3D Erotica Artist's (wet) dream come true No promises though! I hope to feature it in the next comic. I will say no more!! And please no questions about Genesis and all that. Its perfect for goblins and Egyptian mythical figures... but not for me (or Poser users).

Ok so here goes :) Its still in development, you'll see some texture seams. Ignore them for now.

PS: the last one is kind of a hint ;)


  1. Hmmm..All I know is if it's ass,vag, or boob related, I support it 100%

  2. I keep throwing money at my screen and yet nothing has happened. If project E is what I think it is... OMFG.

    1. hehe, i hope I won't disappoint. I won't lie, its bloody hard to do!

  3. From the pics I think I've got an idea about what kind of soup you've got cooking :) Very exciting :D

    1. yeah, and this time it has balls! ... eh, well, kindof...

  4. I'd certainly like to know more :3

  5. Hm, three facts here: 1 Ero is showing Lali again, 2 Lali has mesh issues at her shoulder parts and 3 Ero was ranting furiosly about Zbrush. Just wondering now. It seems he wants to present us a new Lali. Did I get it right, that you mean that, unlike other near future releases , you don't intend to sell us the same stuff again? So you work on Lali but she is not the same? No Genesis 1 or 2 ? A V4_Weightmapped maybe? ... or even a Lali standalone figure, which could explain that ZBrush ranting. ;-) No ideas about the handsigns though.

    1. damn, my zBrush ranting gave it away!!! lol. Well, maybe, maybe ;)

      three more hints:

      1. deep inside I am a lazy shit. I don't wanna work extra if I don't have to... but that might mean working my ass off to make things easier in the future. I want all-in-one, straight up, 100%, no subdivision crap, 3D girl. I don't wanna have to compensate for DAZ's (or ex-DAZ employee's) lack of erotic insight every time they come out with a sexless 3D ho (and definitely no pussy for anubis)

      2. I am a CG erotic comic artist, and I want a lady with a good looking pussy, not some low-poly 3D bitch with good looking elbows... or some goblin.haha

      3. Most of my content is for V4. even though it is very useful, I prefer to minimise my time spent farting around certain 'rooms' to get all of that crap to fit some non-vagina exhibiting 3D wench.

      so in other words: DAZ, and all the other asexualites, kiss my entire ass, kiss the the whole ass, start from one end of my ass and smooch your way all the way to the other end :D

  6. about the hand signals: hint, certain claims about 'improvements' are kindof... *shrugs*

  7. I have faith... and my fap hand ready. If we can get people to make clothes and textures... fuck dude. FFUUUUUUU DAZ.

  8. Project E Looks great.

    Where have you been all these years Erogenesis!!!:)

    I read your small piece regarding the new 'Dawn' figure.

    Good luck to the creator but it's just another figure that is good for posing on a chair without any real functionality.

    Dawn will also be forgotten about in a few months once the novelty has worn off, Just like Daz's David & Stephanie. Not to mention a host of other figures from all over the poser community.

    Best sticking with V4 and making a real woman (In 3D of course) of her IMO.


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