Thursday, 22 August 2013

What the hell has erogenesis been up to?

Oh, pretty much everything at the same time. Why?

Hehe no I've been rendering for the next comic and helping out over at Renderotica. I'm now a moderator over there, so watch what you say, I can send Lali over to sort you out haha!. No but its more me just helping out because those guys are working their butts off.

Did plenty of renders in the meanwhile, some for the Art of Darkness beer 'n' titties challenge. Lots of fun! I've been posting some old stuff over at Rosity, decent stuff off course. Yeah its amazing, Lali can actually keep her clothes on for more than three renders!!!

I'll probably be online more now because I partially solved my internet problem (with long USB extension cables hanging across the room - long story!)

I have been chatting a lot with some artists over at Renderotica and there were some questions about the renderer and lighting that I use. They were surprised that I was using Poser's Firefly renderer and in some scenes I use just one light, like the one of Lali sleeping in her bedroom. The scenes I made of the girls night out had like 2 or 3 lights going. I have tried a few other renderers like vray, LuxRender and that... but they're all so clunky and tedious, that would never work for me when I have to make 300 images for a comic. FireFly works just fine for me. Anyway, it never occurred to me to share info like that but maybe I should do that more often. Do you have any questions about my renders?

By the way, nothing on Project E yet, sorry, but will get on with her in about a month. First the comic!

So anyway, the beer n titties challenge: Lali & co getting more and more plastered"

and off course, Lali's favourite bar trick, the inevitable pussy tapped beer!


  1. I've been curious about the lighting you use for some of the comics with Lali.

    Do you use lights as would be in the room from the light fixtures, and windows, or do you use additional lighting?
    Roughly how many lights, and what kind? Are they all producing shadows, or do you blur some light shadows?

    I tend to use one dim universal light set blurred so that it doesn't create hard conflicting shadows. Sometimes I use dim center lights near their faces.

    1. hey! yeah I try to keep the lighting as true to the scene as I can. So if there's a light on the ceiling and the sun outside, I never touch them throughout the animation. Very very sometimes if Lali is tucked away in the corner I'll use a 'flashlight' attached to the camera, that acts like a real camera flash would. I would also mount it slightly above the camera like on a real professional SLR camera so that it creates slight shadows to accentuate edges better.

      In Code 10 I used a very different lighting system, mainly because my computer wasn't strong enough for IDL (plus I was too lazy to really try it out). I sometimes used IBL. I had to simulate reflections from the wall with putting point lights on them. Very tedious, but I managed. The hotelroom is a good example of that.

      But since 'The Route' it has been IDL all the way, and keeping the lighting true to nature. It might sound funny but I still use scene AO because that little effect does still make a visible difference in accentuating detail. I still use light settings that I achieved back with Weaponshandling, concerning sample rate and all that.

    2. Thanks for the thorough explanation.I never think to use AO's. IBLs seem to interfere with my scenes.

      Camnera flash? I'm still in PP2012. I'm guessing you mean just a spotlight attached to the camera. Never thought of that. Hmmmm. Thanks!

  2. Hi E,

    firstly.. Lali... what can you say other than awesome! Project E? Jesus, I about choked when I first found out about it. Seriously though I am really impressed that you have taken the bit between your teeth and decided to go ahead and create your own figure, despite the negative attitudes and stalking you seem to have experienced on Renderosity.

    I was following the Dawn thread on Renderosity, until the chief protagonist of the 'no genitals' brigade started a full scale 'support Dawn' assualt. At that point I basically decided this person was several bricks short of a load (Brit expression), and wanted to avoid them at all costs. Following the threads about Project E just reinforced that opinion.

    Anyway to get to my point... It would be really awesome if you could share some of your lighting and render setups / tips for us here on your blog, to give us mere mortals the chance of emulating your God like abilities to create amazing Poser Firefly renders. I'm sure everyone who follows your work would really be interested.



    1. Hehe thanks! Yeah Project E is going to be quite a mission. I've already made a few meshes, but I wouldn't be surprised if I scrap them and make another one because of some of the things I've learned there. In any case, I am more determined than ever to get it done.

      Hehe yeah the Dawn thread, very passionate for sure. Not sure what to make of it. It is good that they tried to reuinte the two communities with her... but its just another 3D figure. Some of the guys there, eesh. Its hard to tell if they're being sincere or just annoying.

      I set up a page for it called Tips but I had FUCK ALL time to put anything there. I guess stuff like this can get parked there. Check what I wrote for NakedFunnz, is that what you'd like to know?

  3. Hey
    about your internet problems
    do you have problems with you wlan? if so, try so called D-lan apadters
    I have huge problems with wlan getting through our steelbeton walls
    these d-lan adapters are simply to plug into your electric socket, one near your internet source and one near your pc and then connected per lan cable

    if that wasn't your problem, I haven't said a word xD

    I think a scene lives and falls with the right light settings
    light and shadows are so fundamentally for a scene
    it is often hard to find the right settings
    Since PP2014 I use IDL in every render, and with SSS the figures look really great, but sometimes after rendering a whole animation they don't look so good anymore
    don't know how the difference between 1 image and 30 moving ones can be so big
    but they are getting posted anyway xD but with marked as "bad/ugly" ^^

    you talked about 3rd party render
    I myself use for personal and school work maxwell in combination with rhino (love that program and together with maxwell... so fucking awesome xD)
    Yet there is no good way to export poser scenes to maxwell without getting errors or missing textures (and adding 1000+texture manually, no thanks)
    But I heard really good things about octane render, which has a plug-in for poser
    but right now it's a little expansive I think 330€ for standalone+plugin...
    (I got rhino +maxwell as student promotion for ~200€)
    nevertheless, octane looks promising and gets results really quick
    but you need a nvidia card for it (checked!)
    there is a demo version of octane but: "Project and render output cannot be saved"
    furthermore, the library is not included...
    soooooo you do a lot of work creating new materials, but you cannot save it, but hey, at least you have a rendered image of your work... no, wait...

    well, enough now
    have a nice day


    1. hey Knight! oh my internet issue has to do with the wireless router being parked 5 million kilometers south from my room so I need to get my adapter in the door opening to get a clear signal (the rest is SOLID concrete). I have this Cisco Wireless G router ready to get set up but I am waiting for the bloody fucking piece of shit ISP company to come here with a long ass ladder to get to the nanostation and re-route the UTP cable my way.

      yeah I hardly ever do animations but if you use procedural materials, you'll see some funny shit going on. Which SSS node do you use? I use just the 'scatter' one. I'll have to try that out for myself.

      OCTANE. Yeah never tried it. Andrew from Renderotica advised it to me as well, but never had the time to play with it. How fast from deciding to render and getting a render to start is it with Poser? What I find with these external renderers is that I always need to spend a decade trying to get just the right settings and then I need to go through 4 trillion settings an buttons that mean diddly-squat to me. Its like working in CERN and fine-tuning the hadron collider to find that one nutrino passing through the crack of my ass. You know what I mean? How's Octane concerning this?

      Hehe you can't save the render? what about a screen dump?

      So how's this Rhino then? can you convert to OBJ easily?

    2. you should really google d-lan ;)
      I can't say much about octane, I haven't used it myself yet
      they covered the screenshot solution: rendered pictures contain watermakrs and sripes
      so this demo sounds totally crap if you wanna try a new program and see how it would look like

      Textures and texture editing/creating is still difficult for me in poser
      I usually use the scatter node, but I also have some bought texture with other scatter methods

      I just can say, Rhino is awesome^^
      I could send you pictures of some of my work if you like
      then I can tell you more about rhino itself
      You can easily export into anything^^ (I guess, haven't tried out much yet, didn't need to)

  4. Just curious where you're getting the bottles of beer. If you put them together yourself, have you thought about releasing them?

    1. Oh I think I can sell the beer bottles, but not the labels... I'll get sued back to the stone-age I think. But its set up quite easy that you can attach any old label to it if you download it from the internet.

      I'll have to make some time for things like this. I have plenty of little props I can make available.


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