Saturday, 10 August 2013

SORRY... couldn't resist

This dude over at Rotica tuned me that Dawn's smile reminded him of the Joker's smile. Sorry, but he's right!!

I'm guessing now Hivewire has me on some blacklist.... good thing I'm hidden away over in Africa in the bush.

But seriously, her smile is CRAP! There aren't even folds in her cheeks, the ones that extend to her nose. Who has that? No chick I know...

these are a MUCH better smile IMO:

oh! self advertising, oops. Shame on me!


  1. Nah, you're right :) Actually Dawn is much worse than the Joker. Here's a "female Joker" from an Elsewolds DC: she HAS the proper facial folds.

    In Dawn's case, it's as if she was missing some flesh.

  2. Truth be told all the gods and major religions are the same, our ancestors just interpreted their experiences differently and thanks to further cultural differences we have distanced ourselves further from the truth and each other willingly. That being said. I wonder just how well and Dawn-related sales are doing? Even Genesis holds better sway over the market but since Poser is so predominant, V4 is still running strong.

  3. What kept me away from DS is two things: the "one model does all" and the horrible interface DS has. Its library management is a nightmare.


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