Saturday, 17 August 2013

Stranded Renderotica Users

Edit october 2014: Well... I can see from my stats that this is still a popular post to land on these days. 

I think we can conclude that, the migration last year August must have been extremely ambitious, which in itself doesn't have to be a bad thing, and like with all projects that involve innovative new ideas, quantum leaps, and trillions of lines of code, things might go wrong and get delayed, lot's of lessons learned, etc etc. Been there myself a few times...

In the meanwhile I've been too busy doing my own shit to keep track of what is happening there in detail. 
But from what I have seen, things have definitely improved, and future plans seem exciting. I have also heard a lot of negative things about it, which I suppose is inevitable considering such a big change. Granted, the transition wasn't smooth, but then again, this is no mega-cooperation. So I wanna try stay out of that. 

But it seems to be a busy place now, so I presume all is fine. Although I'm expanding my outreach to DA, I definitely still post stuff there every now and then. The store works very well, and most importantly, my fans can get hold of my comics. Also, their vigilant, zero-tolerance, anti-piracy policy is still very attractive for me.

The change in TOS during the migration seems to have made several artists very happy, and several others unhappy. Much of this new art is flourishing there now; not entirely my cup of tea, but Renderotica does provide a liberal platform for freedom of erotic expression, something that should actually be a good thing, although it sometimes does get a little disturbing to say the least. But we are all free to choose to go and see, or not to see, and the recently installed preference filters should help you out if you don't want to see certain types of 3D images. Be warned though, some artists forget to adjust their filters properly, and occasionally some stuff slips through.

In short, Renderotica seems back on track, still a few things to be done, and I know that the management is still working around the clock to make the site perfect.


  1. Is it Renderotica, but why is the also a Renderotique?

    1. Is Renderotique a cloned spammer?

    2. no worried, its legit. It the store. They separated it, and there's a good reason for that!

    3. They should really add a site where they tell the buyers what paying methods they allow.
      Just a simple; "We accept........"

      I don't want to register and see afterwards, I don't have any of these paying methods

      btw have you seen that set of "The Merovingian" looks like some damn hot stuff
      too bad neither affected nor renderotica seems to accept paypal....

    4. rotica did paypal, except it had to go through Andrew (if you wanna buy something, email him. He's very busy now so he might be late in replying). They are working on including Paypay, from what I heard. It will come... I hope. But I'll pass on your suggestion!

      Yeah Merovingian's stuff is very VERY good. I still have to buy it (partly due to the Paypal issue) but what I've seen in the previews and his gallery stuff.. wow

    5. Yeah I know it goes through Andrew, that's how it got your stuff ;)
      but I mean in generall, I miss a site/window where exactly is listed what kind of paying methods are accepted
      or did I missed that page?
      well, nevermind^^

      about merovingian
      I am short on money this month, but I am really thinking about buying it nevertheless

  2. I imagine it's to provide a separate entity for purchasing and keep Renderotica as primarily a community for 3DX folks. The store works well too. I bought the 'Trildo' there yesterday with no glitches. I'm waiting to break it in on Project E's wedding night. She is single isn't she?

    1. yeah its something like that.

      hehe yeah she'll be all yours once she comes out... hihi

  3. "too bad neither affected nor renderotica seems to accept paypal...."

    This isn't the sites choice. Paypal adamantly (even vehemently) dissociates itself from anything even remotely classed as 'adult', ie porn related. This has allowed them to avoid a lot of problems that plagues the credit card companies and become legitimate very quickly. They've been owned by eBay for some years now who has reinforced this policy.

    1. there seems to be some confusion about that rule, from what I've read around the web. It is still possible to purchase erotica with it. It would really suck if they'd wanna kill that possibility indefinitely.

  4. Regarding this rule, I will allow myself a statement: Ebay is full of sh'tako!
    Sex is what sells the best on the internet, them morons should take that in account.


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