Saturday, 10 August 2013

Time to cut the crap

...and to stop being so embarrassed about our sexual desires!!!! 

be gentle...

its a lot of work...

I hope I can achieve the following:

- Full 3D figure with integrated genitals 

- Compatible with all V4 conformable content
- a method to transfer all V4's morphs (?)
- HiRes Genitalia (I mean HIGH!)
- Internal representation
- easy face mapping
- maybe, maybe, I can get compatibility with V5 and V6, and Dawn (?)
- easy V4 Texture transfer (using PS scripts... but don't count on it just yet)
- 'LoRes' background version?
- a Trillion injection channels
- DS and Poser compatibility

Good thing about it:
- Developed in context (in a comic)
- boring, flat, CLEAN, featureless mesh ready to take it anywhere you want it to go
- out-of the-box fun, all the essential morphs to Rock-n-roll

Current Status:
- Mesh done
- UVs done
- Rigging done
- JCMs (basic)

To be adjusted / redone:
- eyes
- parts of mesh / genitals

To do:
- Basic body morphs / shapes
- breast shapes (partly done)
- Facial expressions (partly done)
- Genital dynamics (similar tech to Lali's Bits)

Shit scared of:
- DAZ sueing my ass off

- after my next comic, hopefully before I get a heart attack

- I want it my fucking self!

this project will be the death of me

can anyone recommend a God I can pray to?


  1. “Shit scared of:
    - DAZ sueing my ass off”

    I could understand, but I don't know if or how DAZ would hold rights to compatibility parameters. If they were to make more money on V4 stuff, that would be good for them.

    Perhaps you should (if you haven't) ask what legal obsticles could be possible with making something that has simular (but not exact) parameter settings for clothing.

    The are already models avilable that have clothing fit tools to make other clothing from V4 and others to fit indeoendantly made models. has Mariko for example.

    I can't reccomend praying, but I do meditation, and yoga stretching.

    1. Wardrobe Wizard support that is...!

  2. DAZ suing your ass off? Eh? Why? If you are creating a new figure, what's it got to do with them?

    1. the idea is to make the transfer from V4 to PE as painless as possible, in other words using V4's textures, joint centers, perhaps even morphs. Off course if I just supply PE with all that info, I'll be in trouble. But I've thought of something to transfer all that information provided you already possess V4. I'll *try* for Genesis too.

  3. Hope that you can end this Project just before Santa has to tell DAZ, that sh"E" will still propels their sales concerning V4's accessories and else...
    As I said to Render8, viewing what you're doing with, I'm so impatient to try hEr when she will be on the market.
    Although shE is foreseen to walk bare more than dressed, the only question which settles in my silent conscience is how you can make clothes match body morphs, as I'm already a really big dummy to do it with the basic V4. lol
    Will shE be sold with a little comic tuto as regards the possible wardrobe ? :-D
    Cheers Ero.

    1. hehe I hope so too. Well, first of all I'm also very very impatient to try her! I wanted to feature her in the next comic "Disco Dragon" but not so sure I'll succeed. I ran into software issues that are rather ugly and have never been noticed in other figures, mostly because developers have just worked around them. I find this unacceptable and I hope I can push for a change. But until then I also have to sit and twiddle my thumbs. It vexed me so greatly that I became sick because of it.

      I am very reluctant to proceed with these software issues because PE will end up being overloaded with work-arounds, and that's just going to make things mega complex, and slow.

      But if they do get fixed, the FBMs can easily get transferred to the clothing with Poser's 'Copy Morphs from' and I might think of a few trick morphs to make the transition even better.

      Don't forget that PE is most importantly something I intend to use, and as a comic artist, I always do my best to reduce the workload as much as possible. So that means that all my V4 shit should transfer as easily as possible, preferably without any necessary conversions. Off course FBMs are already made easy with Poser's 'Copy Morphs' function.


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