Thursday, 8 August 2013

Lali 2013 and Project E

LOL, Project E seems to already be pirated, and I haven't even managed to release it!!!!! Well, I might as well download it, saves me a lot of work hihi.

Anyways, I've adjusted the JCMs of the V4 version of Lali for the comic. I'm using the same methods for Project E. You can see the contact between the top of the thigh and the hip is more realistic now. Boobs hang a bit more realistically, elbows improved, also the bend over JCMs for behind. I've also done a tonne of other morphs like for the neck and shoulders and belly and her back.

I also wanna do some for the hands and hand parts. Once that is done, I'm thinking of migrating to WM for Lali. The reason I've delayed that is because I need the legacy zones for my method of making effective JCMs. WM doesn't help.


  1. Am I missing a point? How can it be pirated if it's not out at all? I really hope you are just making a joke that I am failing to catch @_@

    1. there are these sites that automatically make fake links to 'files' with a product name, and they seem to have found that Project E is to be a product in the future... There are a whole bunch of fake Lali Bits links floating around the internet. I have no idea what their purpose is. Malware? Anti-Piracy?

  2. I'd say malware spreading. These assholes get very creative sometimes, I
    can tell from the pile of laptops which need to be cleaned up and sit at the
    time on my work desk.

  3. The whole pirating shit really does pisses me off because like everything its gotten way out of hand. Used to be fun - get a free software, or movie here & there, but its become so common that loading pirated content is simply not worth the risk anymore computer damage.
    I simply refuse to load pirated content, and haven't since on my old computer that died a miserable death in 2007. It was simular to an old man dying of lung cancer on its death bed. All I could do was unplug and put it out of its misery.

    Lali's looking flabulously sexy in all the right ways. Might could make the boobs sag a little more down in that last pose, but just nitpicking. Maybe something in the knee and foot bending needs attention, I don't know. They always seem to be problem areas. Feet usually bend lazily when laying flat forward on the ground. I was bending feet the other day and noticed there's 2 ways feet bend - One is stiff arched, and other is loose lazy more dependant on the surface its pressed against.
    Anyways..Just trying to give different perspectives.
    Awesome stuff Erogenesis.


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