Thursday, 27 February 2014

Lali Lite... due next week!

Unless I get Ebola or something. 

Guys, this comic is fucking nuts! (so am I), but I'm through the thick of it. Editing, post-working and re-rendering some of the final images now and Monday-Tuesday. Gonna take the weekend off because my arm is fucked!

If I haven't replied to your email, or wondering why I'm so quiet, I locked myself up and I've post-worked 170 images in the last week (just the orgy), and re-rendered about 20 images. I now feel quite confident that this crazy comic will be done by next week.

PS: below are some funny doodles I made for AoD recently.

Pic below: 
Lali: meeehhh, this horse is broken... he doesn't wanna go!
Julie (off-screen): rock with your hips in the saddle!
Lali: I've been doing that the whole time...


  1. Congrats mate! The light at the end of the tunnel! "Lite" does seem a bit of an understatement after all :)
    I can't help noticing that Julie likes to take risks: she rides bareback *grin*. Maybe she could help Lali with that horse, if it won't start she could give a hand with the clutch.

    1. hehe definitely! Yeah the 'Lite' didn't really work out the way I thought, but I'll succeed with the next comic... I hope!

      Yeah Julie loves horse riding. Not sure how that fits into the story, but I think Julie has a few secrets not even I know about...

  2. Awesome! Based on my own experience post-work can be an ultimate pain in the ass, but at the same time it's fun seeing it all come together with all of the little nuances, and character exchanges bouncing back, and forth. While at the same time both kind of sad, and also freeing to let go of it so as to make a life of its own.

    1. yeah I hear ya. I think I might have given myself a LOT of work with this comic though, you'll see what I mean soon enough. I'm very pleased with how it turned out though, and I'll be happy when its done. Spent too long on it, time to make new comics!

  3. Awesome indeed! Your dedication puts most others to shame ;)
    Thought I posted this earlier but I guess not, anyway. If you have hundreds of Photoshop files that you have to play around with there's a codec called Ardfry PSD Codec that shows the thumbnails for the PS files in Windows Explorer. Pretty handy.

    1. yeah you told me a few posts back (think I replied too). I'll definitely check it out because it would be dern useful. Right now I'm using Adobe Bridge, was a bit scary at first, but getting used to it.

      thanks anyway! onwards I goooo...


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