Friday, 12 December 2014

Poser Update, fresh ladies, videos, and my mojo!

Hey peeps! 

First off, before I forget, the Lali's Bits update for POSER is out, or rather it has been out for weeks but I've been all over the place lately I forgot to announce it! Lol, there was a time that I would press F5 the whole day checking on my products but now I spend more time trying to F5 my brain! So anyway, go to Renderotica with an ordernumber of date or email or some piece of data that proves you bought the thing and download the update!

By the way, the product update is the file called, on Renderotica. Its not a separate version, its mostly just options for your Lali's Bits copy.

The update mainly has options. I re-mapped the vagina prop and provided new textures and materials for it (better than the original set). For those of you that don't know what mapping is, its like when you unwrap a present, you can see what part of the wrapper covered what surface. The original 'wrapper' was a little lousy and not covering the mesh details properly. The new 'wrapper' does that much better. And the new materials can only be used with the newly 'wrapped' prop. (Just a little basic Poser lesson: textures is not the same as materials. Textures are jpegs [or any image format], and materials possess information about how the texture must behave when light hits it.)

There's also a 'transfer figure' that allows you to transfer V4's original joint zones around the hips and thighs to your V4WM so that Lali's Bits works normally. This is not for novice users though! Read the manual carefully before fucking with this.

There are more little things, like a transparency map for V4's torso to show a hole in the body mesh down where the prop intersects the body, so that the vagina is indeed a vagina. There is a new Lali Bits injection with some small improvements like the jaw opening with the mouth opening, and other small things.

Update for DS? I'll have to email Poison about it. It would take a lot more effort for Poison to figure that one out because I have no idea how WM or Triax or fuck knows what works in DS.


Migrating to PE

Anyway, for the rest, I've been converting all my girls to PE gradually, converting their textures manually. Its a slow process, but a fruitful one. Her morphs are getting refined by the day, and I'm very pleased with the results that are coming out. Making Project E was a very good thing...

... but it also ate up a lot more time than I expected, and it nearly drove me into a burn-out, considering everything that I had to deal with to make her work. I am not impressed with the software. I am in fact looking for other software now; not definite, just curious. I do love the software I'm using now, but eesh, sometimes I just wanna set my PC on fire or something. Something more stable, more reliable would be nice... and no not DS lol! Motionbuilder or perhaps even Maya? I just wish, I fucking wish that Pixar would release their software 'Marionette'. I would buy the entire fuck out of it!


Got my mojo workin'

Anyway, its not the end of the world. I've finally got my mojo back and I'm making funny series again over at Art of Darkness and posting loads of Project E tryouts on Deviant Art (btw what's up with their new logo!?). The 'Pock rescue' series is about Art of Darkness' Mascot called Pock Suppet travelling around the world (in an actual envelope!) and he's now here in Africa. But he got kidnapped by Falafelists!! Lali is on the rescue! But like with so many series before it, its great fun, and great practice. 

Improv-rendering is the funnest thing I can recommend anyone to do. Also, the series goes parallel with me setting up scenes, props, characters, making textures, refining Project E, making clothes (and burqas) for future comics. Most of the content of 'the Route', 'the Gentlemen's Club' and 'Impulse' was created in response to some render-battle on Art of Darkness, for example. It's lots of fun and productive at the same time. I've been planning to put all my free series together in a PDF for people to download, I just need to sit down and do it one day!!!



My plans are now to make a bunch of comics. First is definitely Disco Dragon, something I had hoped to have done by now. Then I'll be doing Lali's new Black Desk comic, which will be more of a traditional comic than a 3DX comic, still erotica off course. 

Then I wanna do Sen's first Adventure called 'Initiation'. I'll probably do that in the cinematic style I did Impulse with. That will be a very exciting thing to try out since it will have a way more serious feel to it than the more adventure-comedy style of Lali's stories up until now.

After that I've got a few Lali Lites planned: the Secrets of Professor Brown; one about Mad Lali (the girl with the golden pussy) and xTina meeting Frankencock (a character thought up my my main man and bro Apocalypse, who has already made a few series about Franky on Art of Darkness)...

Then a Pool Party with Hannah the new girl (probably also the other new girls too); the Farmgirls Rachel and xTina visiting their old farmhouse; Laila's laboratory adventures. I am really, REALLY, looking forward to releasing a new comic!



I also recently tried my hand at animating. Aaaaaand what does EROgenesis animate? GUNS off course!! :D What? Animating sex? pff, boooring! Lol no I might start trying erotica out next year if time and processing power allows, also depending on the software and my mocap abilities. We'll see.

Ok that's it for now. Cheers!

PS: I'm currently setting up a page on this blog to link you to all of my free stuff, like free series on Art of Darkness, Deviant Art and Renderotica. I'll also try provide some freebies like simple props etc. I just need to sort out the hosting.


  1. That picture of Julie catching the beach ball really shows how realistic looking Project E is at her current state. Bravo!

    1. hehe thanks! I hope to add much more detail like that to her! or at least make it optional

  2. Nice work on the update for Lali's Bits and PE is looking soooo good:D

  3. Replies
    1. lol, I hope epic comics will come out of it later :D thanks gaz!

  4. I just picked up Lali's bits From Rotica, I can't wait to use them. Thanks for making them!

    1. ha! thanks so much DP!

      open a bottle of wine, take your time with them, learn them, and have much fun!

  5. Thanks so much for the Lali's Bits update - I "reset" my download at Renderotica and the new download showed up with this additional update. Might I be able to apply v19 to current figures which are using v18, or will I need to recreate them from scratch, do you think?

  6. Awesome Mini!!! Where can I get one of THOSE? :P


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