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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Pock Series Links

Hey Guys, 

The Pock series over at Art of Darkness is almost over, and then its 2015 which will hopefully be a year of many Lali comics! For those that are looking for the series (which is entirely free I might add) go to Art of Darkness either directly to the start of the series, the start of the entire thread (its fun!), or through their Main Gallery so that you can also see the works of the other artists over there (also highly recommended). Mind you, be warned, Art of Darkness does contain some very VERY explicit adult stuff, so make sure yer kids are either at grandma's or locked up in their rooms when you visit the site.

For those of you that don't know, Pock Suppet is the 'mascot' Sock Puppet of Art of Darkness and incidentally the most well-behaved member of Art of Darkness, often attempting to purify and cleanse AoD and its members of the depraved art that we post there. It titillates and/or confuses the hell out of the poor guy. Pock started travelling around the world, probably on a soul-searching mission to deal with the things he's had to endure on Art of Darkness. He came from America, went past europe and is now kidnapped in Africa by the falafelists. Lali is currently busy rescuing him, but it will be a challenge, because the falafelists have converted him!

In the series you'll meet a few new characters like Chief of Police Castor Banga, Lali's supplier of weapons and equipment Ishmail Hassan, off course her uncle Errol Jamises (get it? ;) ) that you've seen before in the comic 'Impulse', salesman and Right hand man of the Emir Iqbal Bin Aziz, who will appear in Lali's future comics a few times, and a few other characters that you won't forget easily haha!


  1. Project E looks really good there!

    1. thanks Jet. Yeah she's preforming quite well despite a few JCM issues

  2. Well, now we no why the latest Lali set has been delayed. ;-) Seriously, it looks great. I only wish it didn't have to be downloaded piece-by-piece. A zip file of the bunch would be great. :-)

    1. hehehe, well thanks to series like these I have loads of props and characters to use in comics! And yep I think I'll slap these all into a PDF, as a few other series!


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