Saturday, 7 February 2015

Comics in the new year

Hey guys and gals, just a small update to say I'm still alive. The year started off a little crazy with insane storms and cyclones messing up the local infrastructure to the point that we had no power for days. But all's back to normal now and I'm busy with three comics, Disco Dragon, Sen's Initiation and Lali next Black Desk. 

Like mentioned before I'm now taking a slightly different approach to the whole storytelling thing, partly for speed, but also for better stories. I hope it will work! I'm doing the Disco Dragon and Sen's comic in the style of Impulse and the Black Desk comic will be the traditional upright comic format (with hope of printing!). I also went ahead and thought up a whole series of concepts and titles for future comics. 

So, from now on its just work work working down lists and lists of to-do's, scripting, storyboarding (almost done), prop making or preparation, refining PE some more, dressing up my characters, etc etc... and hopefully I can knock a few out this year!


Because of all the chaos during new years I have a stack of emails to reply to, so if you're one of the waiting 300, I'm gradually working down the list since last week. 

Despite that, my main center of activity currently is Deviant Art and Art of Darkness. My Deviant page is where I dump anything new that I've rendered, I'm also the most active there because of their intricate commenting system. If you're not familiar with Deviant Art I HIGHLY recommend it because of all the amazing stuff there!

For a more intimate Erogenesis experience ;) you can find me at Art of Darkness hosting a simple thread on Expressions and Posing that I started a week or two ago. I will use some of this material to make a tutorial about making CGI Figure Art comics. 

For the sexy stuff I sometime post it on Renderotica, where I sell my comics. I'm waiting on a couple of important updates on Rotica (blogs and forum-wise) and perhaps try some series fun there too.

You might be wondering why I do all this free stuff at times, like the Pock Rescue series. Yes, its a LOT of work, and I'm not getting money for it, but its a brilliant learning experience because I get to see first hand what readers see and like (and don't like). Its different when I make a comic, a LOT of effort also goes into it. I get paid for it and that's obviously very useful for paying the bills. I also get great responses from my fans (I cannot express how grateful I am for that), sometimes in detail, but its always more of a summary of the comic than actually seeing how a reader experiences the story bit by bit. With online series I can see how the reader experiences Lali's stories, and its very interesting to see what people respond to. Also, I can adapt the series according to the comments, which results in a heck of a lot of fun. So I can highly recommend it if you wanna learn about entertaining people.

For those interested, Project E is still on the menu. I am using nothing else but PE at the moment and she's proving herself very useful. However I am coming across various things that need improving, like some parts of the mesh that need redoing and I might deviate from V4's rig entirely at some point. But most importanly, the development software needs a very important update before I can prep her for the store. Once that is updated I need to redo all the JCMs. The current JCMs have little flaws that will become noticeable with multiple morphs, the technical stuff behind it is a long story. My version now has all sorts of little workarounds which would drive the average Poser artist crazy (even me sometimes)!

Oh btw I've got a bunch of new banners (250x50) if you wanna link my blog on your website. Sorry to all those waiting to be linked, but that's all happening today! These banners will also be hosted on the 'About' page.



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    1. I hope so. Because PE was rigged in Poser, it uses Poser WM. I need to find some poor bugger to write a program to convert it to DAZ WM. But I first need to get it working properly in Poser hehehe!

  2. I greatly look forward to the release of Project E. Are you in need of beta testers?


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