Saturday, 28 February 2015

Google thinks twice, but we're still bruised

Dude! Srsly??

Ok I should speak for myself here but I wouldn't be surprised if all of 3DX land got quite a shock from it. I guess its the price we pay for free services by companies like Google and Facebook. So just in case you didn't know, Google rolled back their recent decision to curb adult content on their blogger service: 

Hello everyone, 

This week, we announced a change to Blogger’s porn policy. We’ve had a ton of feedback, in particular about the introduction of a retroactive change (some people have had accounts for 10+ years), but also about the negative impact on individuals who post sexually explicit content to express their identities. So rather than implement this change, we’ve decided to step up enforcement around our existing policy prohibiting commercial porn.  

Blog owners should continue to mark any blogs containing sexually explicit content as “adult” so that they can be placed behind an “adult content” warning page.

Bloggers whose content is consistent with this and other policies do not need to make any changes to their blogs.

Thank you for your continued feedback.  

The Blogger Team

Besides thinking: WTF?? I admit I am impressed that they listened, which is more than I can say for Facebook, who doesn't give a rat's ass about their members. Good show Google!

Also, thanks to all you guys for your supportive responses. I was a little worried about myself but I was more worried about the artists that cannot afford a new website. I'm not super rich at the moment either, but I don't have kids and a day job and all that to worry about. Some of my colleagues do!

So now? Despite Google's second change or heart, I am definitely still going to set up my own website a.s.a.p (hold on Jim), hopefully transferring all my blogger content to there, and then some. I am after all linking to commercial porn sites on this blog, which is not allowed... OOPS! I think I'll leave this blog running though, perhaps as a second portal about my naughty undertakings. I will try to expand my outreach a bit more, like to places like Ambient Dimensions, a website run by a nice fella by the name of 'Nephanor'. He's willing to expand his site and is very open to suggestions. Go check him out! (and thanks for being there Neph). I do hope will start running a gallery soon.

Renderotica has put itself in gear in response to the blogger hiccup and is doing its best to set up a blogging system that will accept blogger XML exports a.s.a.p. They are trying to set it up in such a way that you can get more autonomy as an artist. You will be allowed to link to other websites where to show your work from certain pages in Renderotica, provided off course its not commercial.

All-in-all it has woken me up to the spastic nature of mainstream society's awkwardness to erotica and porno, despite the fact that just about all of us adult humans engage in erotic behavior on a daily basis. In other words, its time to jump ship, and board a stable one, and I highly recommend any other 3DX artist does the same before they get another neurotic impulse. 

Don't get me wrong, I am super grateful for blogger's free services all these years, but the price at which it comes is a little too uncomfortable. 


In other (more happier) news, after babbling on for weeks about plans for this year, I'm finally making some headway! The set of Disco Dragon is almost ready (just finished the VIP bar), and after a few more little details, I can put the characters in the sets and start posing! 

I am also preparing some characters for Sen's first cinematic comic, namely Wawa the creepy Initiation Master and the M4-based Murguul that Sen has to face during the whole ritual. As I've said before, this comic will be VERY different from all my previous comics. It will be a lot rougher and harsher than Lali's cute world of pink nail-polish and giggles. I am still testing the waters with this one though, the main theme and conflict in the story will be "woman against nature". 

I am also working on a secret little project, which will be free :) you'll see!

And off course, I hope by the end of the year I can also squeeze in my first, more mainstream-style comic about Lali's adventures as a Black Desk agent. I already have loads of episode ideas, but its just a question of how fast I can start production. The format will be different from your standard 3DX which focusses more on large renders and detailed sex. This comic will be more like mainstream comics, with lots of smaller panels and much much more story. there will off course be a persistent erotic element, but not pornographic. And I'm also thinking that if there's a scene that just demands explicit sex, I'll provide a version with the detailed sex scene. We'll see how it goes.

In any case, it will be exciting to see how Project E will fare in these comics! Concerning that, since the current version of PE is absolutely not fit for the market, and since these issues will not go away any time soon, I'm thinking of making a consumer version to put in the store, with a different more simplified morphing system. That is still a big 'if'  though!


  1. Ero, this is great news indeed! Whatever you decide to do, hit me up if you need some help and good luck!

    1. You will get no hard feelings from me. It's all good.

    2. Same over here. If the product comes in two flavours, I might even purchase twice :D

  2. Dude, is that YOU with the hot chick? hehehee ;)


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