Sunday, 26 October 2014

Black Desk, Sen, and helping out a brother

Hey guys! Sorry for being quiet. But quiet means a good thing because that means I am busy, which I am. Since I got hold of my new rigs I've re-designed my workflow a bit and I'm doing a whole bunch of things at the same time. Its fun work but over here its the height of the hot season and I'm sweating like a horse! Heat slows me down!


On the side of comics I have designed and setup several locations for future comics, in particular the 3rd Lali Lite: Disco Dragon, the next 'Black Desk' comic and the first 'Adventures of Sen'. I have a lot to think about, namely in what format I wanna carry on. As some of you will remember my recent comic Lali Lite 2: Impulse had a rather unique format and it got a lot of positive feedback, however, I still feel very warmly for the old-fashioned comic book style. I might do comic book for the 'Black Desk' series and Cinematic for the Lites and Adventures of Sen. The reason for that is that I've had a few people suggest that I actually start printing comics, so it might be worth thinking ahead. And since the Lites are more for 3DX (which is a highly specialized type of entertainment), I think the cinematic approach is better because I doubt that will ever get printed out. I still need to think about it though.

Speaking of 'Black Desk' comics, I've decided to step up the pace. Its been almost 2 years since the last 'Black Desk' story and a lot of people are very curious now! So I'm gonna stoop Lali into action a.s.a.p and the Disco Dragon will be the last Lite for some time... although I'm kindof hoping that my new rigs will speed things up a bit, and maybe allow me to make more comics than I usually make per year. 

'The Adventures of Sen' series, which have yet to be kicked off, will be quite a big experiment. For now you guys have known me to be more of comedy-adventure but this will probably get quite rough, and a little less comedy. Exactly how rough it will get depends on how well I can deal with having it on my conscious haha. I've learned a LOT about erotica these last few years and I cannot say I am entirely comfortable with some of the things I've come across, but at the same time I slowly familiarizing myself with its meaning, and how to play around with it. I just hope I can get away with it. The same actually applies to Lali's more serious adventures. We'll see, we'll see...

Project E

The other thing I'm doing is off course Project E. Since the blessed update of the software I have a green light to carry on developing. I'm very excited because PE will now be fucking awesome! But to do that I really need to get into the mind-set of coding, morphs, programming, and thinking 5 years into the future and 10 steps ahead of what I want and what other people want. Quite daunting to say the least. This week I should get started again!

Then there's our man Metatechnocrat, fellow digital artist and big fan of 3DX, who is in trouble and needs our help. Meta unfortunately narrowly escaped death in 2012, he's now stuck in a wheelchair and basically to make a long story short, he is doomed to get shipped off to a nursing home in a month's time. That would mean the end of his digital arts career. I post this on my blog because the man is so strongly positive, full of energy, smart and deserves a chance... and he reminds me of me. I had cancer when I was a baby (I've only told a few people this), and I know that if people hadn't done what they did to make me survive, there would be no Lali today! So if you have a few bucks to spare, or if you know someone that can help, or even a facebook page where you can spread some news, please do! You can find him here:

his work you can find here

cheers peeps!


  1. The only future thing I can recommend for Project E is to imagine all of the giggly bodyparts that get smashed, pulled, and compressed against other objects. I know that's not easy, but ultimately I see that as being the long lasting factor.
    I keep wondering if Poser will ever begin introducing vertices on models that react to other objects similar to the gravity stuff, but that seems like a ways off.

    1. Also, on the recovery of fellow 3DX artist, hope he gets the atention he needs.

      Hollywood producer Andrew Stanton once spoke of a simular inspiration, having been given a chance survive death.

  2. Yay, Woot, I can get past Cerberus. OK Ero this new stuff just kicks ass! As I said in my mail it blows me away. Proof of what my painting 2 instructor told us, "If you do something every day, you will get good at it." I know you have the dedication to make his words truth, and it's why I respect you as an artist. Well as a man too.

    The fact that you kicked cancer in the nuts and gotten so far beyond it is a testament of what it takes to take advantage of the knowledge of how fragile our lives can be, how easily it can just be lost, and so make something of yourself. It's easy to squander life.

    Thanks for providing those of us who love women and depicting women properly for Lali, but also for mentioning my problem. I hate whiners, and I've tried to keep my issues to myself as my dad always said to always rely on yourself, not others, but he wasn't quiet Yoda so exceptions sometimes have to be made. Though sometimes he kinda sounded like him thanks to his thick Dutch accent. lol

    Learning how the medical industrial complex works here in the US has been a frustrating and demoralizing experience, but I fight every time even when I'm not sure I'll win. Bureaucracy that is, not a guy with a gun, then I run. :P
    Thanks for the mention and I'm going to check this stuff out better later tonight when I get more done about this problem today.

  3. I hope you're enjoying your Springtime there in Darkest Africa, lad, as the winter winds sweep over us in the Colonies. Onward and upward with your projects! Is that guy Lali's with Hassan bin Workin or Hassan bin Around? (hat tip on the latter to Donald Duck) And blessings on your colleague Metatechnocrat.... Now get back to work! :D

  4. I Always look forward to the good news especially Project E :)

    We had a good read of Metatechnocrat's plight and donated 100 bucks.
    He'll cast you in eternal digital greatness (Digital portrait of you or anyone you know) for those who donate $100 and over.
    I Cant see a fellow human and artist suffer and would do the same for many others if we had a money tree.

  5. I've just bought "Lali spoils her fans" and they're AMAZING! I thought I was in love in Carey Carter - now it turns out I'm in love with Lali. Oh boy... About the format: I'm with you, the old style Comic Book format works great in principle, but they way we all consume these PDFs are probably on tablets or full screen on a laptop. This makes it slightly awkward because as much as you appreciate the full page layout, you zoom in and out a lot to gasp at the detail. So a full screen "one-picture-per-page" works great on tablets.

    Awesome awesome work dude, keep it up! Bought Lali's Bits too - can't wait to check them out. Love the new Project E pictures too - I can't wait what you share next!


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