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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Update Oct 2014

Just a quick update. I just returned from a 4-day festival.

The Bits Update has been tested and will made available soon. Sorry for the delay. 

Project E is still on, but postponed until some software bugs have been resolved. I won't go into details but these bugs are of such a nature that they impede the development of PE. Proceeding despite these bugs would just make PE a cumbersome MASSIVE figure that will eat my (and your) computer's memory, then I might as well continue using V4. I prefer PE to be done properly and efficiently, and not weighted down with work-arounds.

The Arcas Afterparty series will be continued as soon as I have my new PC's with me. I'm about to go collect them from cargo! Whoohoo! And btw, the Arcas Afterparty pics are not just doodles or wasting time. Besides having great fun making them, I am actually actively testing and experimenting with things like background figures, populated scenes, volumetrics and other things in preparation for the Disco Dragon. Hopefully with my new rigs things will speed up and improve.


  1. Cool. I'm looking forward to Project E. I wish I had the computer power to create a model that looked authentically as if a giggly sexual globules joy, verses the tubular hollow 3d tin-men with awkwardly bending appendages.
    I actually have some really good stories in mind, but the task of images and its limitations are insulting to my imagination.I'm at the point where I'm tired of these 3d models never looking like what I imagine, about ready to throw in the towel, and say:“F-it, the technology is not here.”

    1. yeah I can understand what you mean. Technology is definiitely already there, but you'll need a $10,000 rig to simulate the things you're talking about, plus a hiRes mesh (like project E). A very BIG part of comic-making is settling for what's available, making sacrifices and getting on with it. A lot of what I do can be done much better provided I had time and technology, but if I strived for just perfection, I'd never get to tell a story! And I doubt I'll make 70!

      Writing books is also fun, I already wrote two lol!

  2. What 3D modelling app are you using to model Project E?

  3. So did Autodesk's last service pack screw things up for you?

    1. No, the bugs were from a different app, I don't wanna be too public about it hehe. But on the bright side, they're very close to solving it. Me happy!

      I still use an old licence for Max, I cannot afford any newer upgrades yet. I'm actually looking into Rhino or Modo first. What happened with your Max then?

    2. I gave up Max years ago and switched to Cinema 4D.

    3. Does Cinema4D do vertex / edge mesh editing like Max does?

  4. Yes it does though I switched primarily because of the quality of its rendering engine


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