Friday, 14 December 2012

Think positive! Whii

Left the INJ for tonight and now creating new figures and story lines for commissions and future comics. Oh that is just a LOT more fun! Expect renders!

Seriously I hope I can get Lali's Bits up and running by Christmas, I just never expected it to be such a bloody mission. I do have someone helping me but he's also very busy with other shit. I can code but usually there's enough information, software, and official documentation for me to learn complex stuff. I managed to write a whole form generation application in SQL Server without any prior knowledge of the system in two weeks. I taught myself C# and ended up #1 programmer in my surveying department in half a year. Not cuz I'm clever, no, Microsoft just has its work thoroughly documented! Praise be Bill fucking Gates. But Smith Micro? I filed a complaint with Smith Micro that they don't deserve to call their product "Pro", and I feel I am allowed to say that since I've worked in software engineering, hyper complex geotechnical software and all kinds of other shit in the last 7 years. I made a feature request too, an INJ creator! GRR



  1. Try not to be too hard on Smith Micro. We in live tough times, and everybody is cutting costs.

    As soon as I get your morphs I'll start a new comic. I few ideas, but the trick is trying to find something that allows for awkward comedy situations. Too complex, or too grand of a story structure makes it not fun for me.

    1. yeah maybe I shouldn't be complaining too much. Porno Pro... I mean Poser Pro is still very very awesome in most respects. For the most part is has been very smooth sailing, up until this point... I guess 1 year of solid Poser work would be the reason why it annoys the living fuck out of me haha! I've just been spoiled with very hi-tech software that have a rock-solid workflow and I think Poser is still emerging from a kind of software 'undergound'. ZBrush is next on the chopping board, brilliant, amazing application, except its impossible to learn without direct access to zBrush Central.

      Good comedy might be 'getting caught' or fucking for a ridiculous cause. But isn't comedy is also funny/sarcastic dialog? and not necessarily a situation. Look at the conversations between Lali and Jim hehe. Slapstick is also still funny haha. Looking forward to what you'll come up with.

  2. Sounds like it's a great time for a break and a "thinking beer". All my friends and I used to have beer in our cars that used to stay there until we had car problems and then we would go get a "thinking beer" to try to get some inspiration to solve the issue. When there weren't car problems for a while, the thinking beer used to get pretty nasty. Lol.

    1. no kidding mate! had a few of those. Reminds me of the times I had a year ago when i was in anti-poaching, when we had nothing to do, or got bored, we would stack 2, 3 crates of beer in the back of this old, old, old, OLD ass series 2 clapped-out landrover, no doors or hood, wobbly roof, engine replaced with an old hilux engine, couldn't drive faster than 30kmph. We would go off into the park, in the rainy season, find a massive mud patch, and drive straight into it until the thing was properly lodged in it. Then we got out, opened us a beer, and sat on the side of the mudhole thinking about how the fuck we'd get that thin gout of there. We returned totally plastered and covered, I mean covered in mud :D gud times

    2. between the elephants, off course!

  3. Well, bubba, just think of the experience you're gaining; and, as when one's banging one's head against the wall, just think how good it'll feel to stop (when we've all got Lali cozy and safe in our runtimes)! Crack one for me, whatever you drink there in "southern Africa."

    1. Fuggin Awesome Beer is what we drink ;) haha
      thanks mate! Yeah, I'm gonna crack a few more once its done!

  4. I definitely think this might be what you could be looking for, it's called INJ Magic -

    Create injection morph resource files (for custom morphs)
    Create morph injection script for proprietary or custom morphs
    Create morph injection script to inject custom morphs into figures that don't normally support morph injection by injecting the morph into existing morph channels and replacing them (works for any figure that has morphs)
    Create full/partial figure poses
    Create full/partial scaling poses (ideal for fit-to type poses)
    Create full/partial MAT poses (define material details)
    Create full/partial translate poses
    Optionally lock translate settings so that they cannot be reset when a figure pose is applied
    Optionally turn off inverse kinematics
    Optionally create a remove pose to remove/reset all the morphs and settings
    Create your own redistributable definition files so other people can create injection morphs for your models
    Create blank morph channels in any figure to make it accept morph injections

    Looks like it might be an old product though, but if you look around, you might find it and would be nice if it actually worked for ya.

    1. Yeah I even bought that one. It almost the best out there. The issue with that one was that you couldn't include props / references to a prop.So it would make an injection but you'de have to figure the whole thing out to find out where the damn prop gets referenced :P

      But its very useful and I'll definitely use it for possible future releases of things WITHOUT a prop ;)

      cheers, thanks for thinking along!! (counts for all you folks)


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