Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Progress Report: found it!!!

There's a good chance I might have found the solution to the problem we're having. 

Poser, in all its infinite wisdom, decided that FBMs first have to get loaded in bulk in an INJ, which results in that ALL morphs with a similar name get associated with the FBM. Now the original Lali System contains FBMs that have turned into PBMs, thus removing morphs from being influenced by that dial, but being used elsewhere. Yes the LS is so horrendously complex... it was the only way to deal with the crap that DAZ makes.

So we're trying to figure out a way to include (or exclude) this info from the INJ file... I fucking hope I can make Christmas now...

I am strongly thinking of making a C# application that sorts all of this crap out. Current Poser file editors are too limited, or too specialized, or just too weird to use effectively. I maintain that Smith Micro has a strange idea of what "Professional Software" is. Poser "PRO" opens doors, worlds even; its amazing what you can make with it... but it shoots itself in its own foot when it comes to preparing a product for sale... not very professional. Plus the memory-handling is just crap.

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  1. Yeah, Daz leaves a bit to be desired in memory handling and processor allocation as well. Drives me nuts. Good Luck!


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