Saturday, 1 December 2012

Progress report: sorting the morphs

Almost completed a list of morphs I want to include in the injection, including face and breast morphs.

The reason I want to include them is because so many people have asked for Lali. So I want to give them a little bit to play with so that they can make their own cuddly chick. I want to work towards creating a V4 compatible 'Lali Type' in future.

In the process of testing if the morphs were good, I experimented with my Laila morphs and came up with this:

Laila, Lali's younger sister. Studied in France and then moved to Berlin. Lali and Laila don't have a lot of contact, but Lali does know that Laila works for the police in Berlin.

This is an example of what you might be able to make with the extra morphs.

So anyway, back to Lali's Bits. Because zBrush is such a wanker (or maybe poser is the wanker) a lot of the morphs got some strange offset after being exported from zBrush. So I had to 'neutralize' them with a negative export morph. I want to remove this annoying neutralizing thing and get all the morphs corrected... quite a mission when you're talking about 100 morphs.

Ok that's all for now.

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