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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Discussions etc

Hi peeps,

no progress yet, but a big discussion here over at affect3D, if you're interested. Some test renders to be seen. People asking questions about what and how.

Even though I might be bitching and moaning a lot about &*#^*@ pz2 INJ files and that, Lali's Bits are still coming out. I made my promise... just don't know if it will be before xmas. 

In the meanwhile I'm thinking of offering someone a partnership so that I can continue with my plans to provide other morphs, FBMs and JCMs in future. I wanted to provide some new face morphs, extra pussy morphs, ass morphs, and an entire Lali Type figure, with future updates, etc... but this whole Lali Bits thing put me off the idea, unless I can get someone to do the pz2 programming for me, I'll give them a cut of the profit. I might already have someone...

Its interesting though, I made the Lali System for my comics and not for selling, under the impression that I wasn't making anything new or exciting... turns out I invented something quite unique (although  am seeing Genesis figures improving around me, check Zef0's work here, also South African!). Had I known this I would've taken a completely different approach!

I wonder how my helping hand is doing, I don't wanna bother him too much. I wonder if Lali Bits will make it for xmas.


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  2. Erogenesis said:
    "Had I known this I would've taken a completely different approach!"

    You mean you wouldn't have considered releasing 'Lali's bit's if you had known it might affect your comic sales?

    You probably already know this but you must be the first and only artist on Renderotica who has agreed to put up for sale, morphs that may potentially lose you revenue (through your comic sales) in the future.

    Now that I've put it that way I expect to have insults and rotten vegetables thrown at me by those who are expecting the release of Lali's bits soon.

    1. no, that's just a minor worry. I might be selling the morphs but not the method. Plus I still have Lali. People seem to really like her stories so I'm not worried. Besides, its not really about the money. Cash is always welcome, but I find it a lot of fun to make these comics.

      hehe yeah be careful ;)

    2. In that case I take my hat off to you.

      Of course no one wants to give away their trade secrets & I don't blame them.
      I've know artist and potential artists past & present who have been told to 'go away' by certain artist at Renderotica when asking about morphs and methods. Then again I've know the odd artist who is willing to help others........Like yourself, which IMO is a good thing.

      Keep up the good work, your art and attitude are a breath of fresh air.......

      Wishing you a Merry Xmas & a happy new year ;-)

  3. Oh well, I had my hopes up but I understand the complicated mess (Poser programing) of trying to package your creations to sell, which is one of the reason I never bothered, hoping someone would some day get it. So, no hard feelings. I'll have to find way to get that feature somehow so I can get back to doing what we both love doing, making comics.

    1. dude, don't worry, its still coming out! I'm just bitching about how tough it is haha. Did you really think I'd cancel??? Or are you talking about something else?

      I just need to find a way to speed up this process if I EVER wanna do something like this again... like hire someone, or partner with someone.

    2. No, I can simply identify with frustration and need for an occasional break from it to come back to it with a fresh perspective.
      But of course too long might not be good either.

      I was sending you a comic part from old stuff, but now I'm thinking why not all the way for a wider audience just in case. Getting rid of the old so as to move on to something new, is always good.

    3. aah ok! yes its definitely good to take a break and a few steps back!!!


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