Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Progress Report: Help and thunderstorms

Its amazing what humans are capable of withstanding. If its not the code that's stopping you from moving on, then its thunderstorms. But I am not complaining, thunderstorms in this part of Africa are simply amazing to see, so incredibly moody, heavy, boisterous, primordial...

Anyway, as for Lali's Bits, arrangements are being made to get the last parts sorted out with the help of others. Some people have kindly offered their help. Despite that, I really doubt that I'll make Christmas now, we haven't even started Beta-testing, but its for the better because I rather give you a solid product that gives you a lot of pleasure for years to come. 

I've posted the last issues on RDNA so if you know anyone or anything, be sure to drop a note. I could eventually figure out by googling my ass off how these things are solved (like I've done with all the other issues - and like I still try to do) but an experienced person could probably fly through these issues in under an hour.


  1. I am preparing a V4.2, and I'm curious if this the regular V4.2 or the weight mapped one available at RDNA?

    Or have you created your own weight mapping system for it?

    1. nope, its for the original V4 / V4.2
      curious to see what you'll come up with

  2. Replies
    1. hahaha no worries. No weight-mapping. I know about WM, haven't had the time to even touch that...

  3. Do you remember the Karina Vagina Freebie that was circulated a couple of years ago?

    How about dissecting that for a better understanding of how injections work.

    I'm also trying to rattle my brain as to who creates genitals for V4 that could possibly help you. I can only think of Arduino.

    Good luck.

    1. tits, forgot to reply to this one. Yeah I tried to contact Arduino... nothing yet. I tried dissecting some other pz2's and it helped, but its just with these specific questions I just couldn't find an answer. What I did discover is that some injections (even released by DAZ) don't inject as neatly as I would expect from something you'd pay for. Overwriting groups is IMO unacceptable.


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