Thursday, 6 December 2012

Lali's Bits: Conforming or not?

In a discussion on the Affect3D forum, someone asked for clarification of the nature of the prop and the whole system, weather or not it is a conforming figure or what. Just in case you have the same question, here's what I wrote:

The (non-conforming) prop is essentially that little flabby thing nestled in that groove in the V4 mesh. It is well out of range of any V4 Rig zones, and if anything, the V4 Rig Zones are shite anyway (I haven't touched them to maximize compatibility). Besides the prop, there's a bunch of key morphs that correct the horrors of the V4 rig. Her ass, for example, is not a prop. That's a set of morphs programmed to load and unload depending on leg rotation. Maybe that's what's confusing you?

The whole idea of the 'Lali system' was to minimize fiddling during posing... and its bloody effective, it damn near eliminates it (for my needs at least). I made three comics with minimal effort when it comes to posing sex scenes. Just so you get an idea: NONE of the images of Lali's legs, pussy, ass were post-worked in all three comics I made. In fact, all of the renders I have ever made of Lali have not been post-worked (save for your typical PS Text and Color levels stuff, but that doesn't count). The only adjustments you'd ever have to do are very minor, like getting a millimeter-perfect fit around an inserted object, or a slight offset in the half-opened vagina wall when the leg moves up. A conforming version will make no difference at all.

Follow the original thread here if you wish.

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