Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Apologies for not replying

I'm getting quite a bit of attention nowadays! I do read every single comment, message and whatnot, but sometimes forget to reply because I'm getting so absorbed in with this Lali Bits release. So please excuse me for that. 

Thanks for all you support, comments, help, attention, money, sexual offe... ehm... thanks :)

And off course, thanks for buying my comics :D yeay!!!


  1. Viewving your work, you dont have to excuse yourself :D

  2. I agree, no apologies needed. You are in a frenzy to accomplish a mission. Sounds like a battle suited for caffeine.


Hey, because of a sudden influx of spam, I need to moderate comments from now on, unfortunately. I'll try find a work-around in the meanwhile. Cheers!