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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Progress Report: just two more things :P

I'm being very quiet now... grr

Need to do two more things:

  1. find a way to set the deformers to zero.
  2. get a python script that loads a prop from the library
If anyone can help with the last one?


  1. Wish I knew how to help, sorry.
    I'm trying to find a face.

    1. Well I want start a new comic, but the models I've used the most are Miki2, and Alyson2/Anastasia. Since you're doing such a great job on those annoying problem areas I going back to V4 which I plenty of. V5 looks good but, doesn't have much clothes. The most difficult part is finding a lovable face good with comedy.

      If you have an email (safe for anonymity) I can send you comic pieces of my old stuff that hasn't been posted anywhere.
      It is difficult to create situational comedy with women but I've found a few situations that worked well.

    2. you gave me an idea. I'm going to make a prop with adjustable levels for facial features that you can align to a photograph of someone. And then with morphs you can adjust your poser figure's face in 3D that way. Hm.

      What would be a lovable face for you then?

    3. Oh, the face thing is simply a long arduous of me having to try trial and error until I create a cute face that I think is cute, and works well with expressions. It can take awhile because sometimes I make a face that isn't so cute a few days later. Has to be durable. I have 1 posted on my blog done with Anastasia.
      But that model's butt doesn't work right. There's plenty of models that need better bending butts..hehehe..
      The original modellers never factored butts in as important, can you believe?

    4. Hayden Panettiere would be a good example of a face worth replicating.

    5. yeah exactly, its crazy how much that area lacks. I cannot imagine V4 being used for anything else than erotic CG art, they must've known that, but still, so few polygons in her crotch, that bubblebutt... mad

      Hayden Panettiere, oo! that's not an easy one, especially with expressions. Maybe I could help (first need to do 2,049,627 things though). I do provide Lali's smiles which is tonnes better than V4's original smile... plus the mouth opening. I'm thinking of maybe selling some more face morphs next year. Depends how Lali's Bits go.

    6. tits i forgot to reply to your offer for sending some of your stuff... gladly!! :)

      too occupied here

  2. Set deformer to 0 ... Are the deformers depending to the body morphs ?

    Did you try the dependencies ?

    1. yep, coding is off somehow. I deleted all the deformers in the original Lali so I couldn't edit the dependencies there. But in the new V4, once I load Lali's Bits, the deformer strength dial stops working. Must be some reference getting changed somewhere. Poser has the urge to completely replace certain elements and partially replace others during an INJ... don't know which ones though.

      thanks again for the $$ hey!! :D

  3. Stupid question, but what file format are you trying to import into the figure?

    1. The question is not stupid, Smith Micro is. Its an injection, and the format is pz2 and it refers to a PMD. SM doesn't have tool to make it, yet 50% of their content gets supplied as an INJ. The pz2 + PMD combo works fine, except for the deformer part. And I need the python code for loading the prop.

      pz2 is basically bits and pieces of a cr2 that replaces or add to the respective pieces with new code. Its tricky because you cannot just add any odd data because you might mess with the original rig, or get served a Lawsuit from DAZ... and that for 200+ morphs!

      Plus I need to be careful not to use standard channels or they'll mess up other pre-existing FBMs.

      Right now I'm setting up for testing without these two things. Should work for that purpose.

      Making Lali's Bits was seriously the easy part.

  4. Ok. The reason that I ask is that for a lot of the free props and morphs that are available on sites like sharecg that I have used in the past have to be loaded from my library instead of being available in the file structure of DAZ so I have to load them individually. As I understand it, this is different than what you are trying to accomplish, and the reason for the clarification is so that in case I happen across a script that may be of use, I can forward the site to you. The top one on this page wouldn't be what you are looking for, is it? - http://www.poserprofis.de/python/scripts.xml

    1. thanks Target! I checked them out, although the stuff I need is not immediately there, it definitely helps looking at examples of other things.

      It should be as simple as, for example:
      scene: poser

      but I need to find out what initializers are necessary

    2. ... and yes, I'm just making a simple call to the Prop library to load a prop that's sitting there. I don't want users to have to load it up themselves.

  5. Not quite shure about your PMD-Problem, but maybe this could help: http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/binary-morph-editor/51221

    1. thanks klaus!

      yeah I bought it even, and contacted the maker about it. Unfortunately it fell short of something, I think it had to do with making new channels... usually its ok to do manually, but not with 200+ morphs haha


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