Friday, 14 December 2012

They just keep coming and coming...

I thought I was nearly there but problems just keep on coming form under the nearest rock somewhere.

  1. tweak the INJ in such a way that it doesn't overwrite original groupings
  2. strip the bloody prop pp2 file of the geometry (first two attempts didn't work)
  3. rename the Master Parameters such that they still continue working...
Why Smith Micro, why???


  1. Sorry to hear about the struggles. Hopefully it will be worth it.
    “Why Smith Micro, why???”

    I could ask another question, such as why after over a decade of these programs and sculpting tool advancements have none of these companies figured out that people might want models that function anatomically accurate.
    I tried & failed but don't have the understanding of the hip rigging or the tools to do it. You're a fresh pioneer. I hope you corner the market on this revolution.

    1. yeah it baffles me too. With such an army of modellers at their disposal, how can they not make more of an effort? Is it run by mormons? Maybe because of compatibility issues, like with clothes. the Lali System does pose slight issues with that, but we'll see how customers deal with it. I primarily made it because I just started foaming at the mouth and crying hysterically whenever I bent V4 over... Maybe I'll make an update... as soon as I get over the trauma haha

      the idea I made up is not that hard, you just have to sit back and give it a good think. But trust me, the Lali System as you see it was not my first attempt.

    2. Well, to fair I think it has to do with these companies trying to maintain kind of BS level of professionalism. In other words, they won't condone, but also won't promote such because somehow that would lead to people disregarding their product as a contributor to raunchy.
      I saw that review in which a critic claimed your comic had more story than the usual spank-it material, which kind of made me mad. Why does it all have to be separated? Why can't it be fun, and have good story? We shouldn't be left with single one note compartmentalized entertainment.


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