Sunday, 2 December 2012

Naughty Lali

Lali is biting me in my ass. She is so horrendously complex that she's even confusing the fuck out of the PZ3Editor. Problem is probably that I cannot load INJ files if certain parameters refer to morphs that are not there anymore. I hope Phil has a trick for me, otherwise I'm going to have to clean all that shit up too! AAAHH


  1. I can't imagine Lali NOT biting your ass, considering what certain members of the Poser community are going to do with her once her bits are released. I refer to Arcas, Hieronymus, your bud MatTwassel, and others, including yours truly. Bwahahahah! The fact that she's handy with an MP-5 just adds to the thrill.... :D

    1. haha, you should see her with the 7.62 FN FAL :D
      we'll see. I wonder what they're going to do to her bits...
      Imagine what will happen if I release a "Lali-Type"


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