Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Progress Report: pussies and thunderstorms

Check below for the results of last night. I've got a number of pussies ready for action. Boobs too. And Lali's smile. I included Lali's original tits and some experimental Laila tits. Anal stuff is there too but don't expect too much since its not really my thing. I'll throw in some example renders of everything soon. But for now you'll have to do with the three below :)

I am busy rigging the Lali Bits so that you can pick and choose whichever vagina opening is best suited for your pose. You see, even though the JCMs seem nice, the opening can screw things up slightly, depending on your pose. What I am going to do now is try to make an 'Opening system' that listens to the angle of the legs. I did it with Lali but was quite a challenge to get right. 

Should all be done by today... uuuuunless I get hindered by a thunderstorm. Yesterday we had a power cut when the lightning struck a substation here. Took about two hours before it was running again... which is amazing for African standards.


These I added later.
Below is an example of the full system, one applied pussy preset + prop

This one is without the prop

this one is without the prop and the pussy preset

this is an example of mesh-based labia (no prop)

this s an example of a simple vagina opening without regarding the angle of the thighs. As you can see its not the best option.

this is my solution for it. It is an Asymmetrical Opening System that adjusts itself according to the leg angles, maintaining shape as much as possible

this is the same as above but then with everything dialled back in (prop, preset, FBMs)

below are some anal variations


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