Saturday, 1 December 2012

Lift off!

Lali is now in the shop. Started by isolating the relevant morphs from the failed or redundant ones. Pff quite a mission! I'm going to add breast and face morphs to the deal too (like expressions). Then I'm going to run her through Phil's PZ3Editor, start experimenting with injections!

Really, we should erect a statue for Phil.


  1. "In the shop," as in up on the lift with the hood open and her wheels off? Understood!

  2. hehe, almost. Something sometimes goes open yes ;)
    hey I've been trying to find a way to ask, but can I pleeeeeeease use your "Lali is the Cat's Pyjamas" comment. Its probably the coolest comment about lali.

  3. Feel free to use any and all of my comments, bud! She is indeed the cat's pyjamas, meow, whiskers, and all other bits!


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