Friday, 30 November 2012

Make my Dream Girl!

Playing with the idea of offering a service some time next year to make your dream girl if you don't have the time or the skills to do it yourself. Idea first needs testing though. 

But this will be waaaaaaaaay ahead in the future since my priorities now are getting Lali's Bits in the shop and getting a new comic out asap.


  1. Wow, I've admired your work for several months. In some ways you're doing what should have done, but have never had the computer power to do. You attention to detail is inspiring.

    Love the Lali character.

    I have a comic I've done for a site, but the site is adult and you have to register free.

    You could also google search." nakefunn time to kill ", but you might get spam.

    1. hahahaha dude you should totally sell that on renderotica. I pissed myself laughing, very well done!

      Don't worry too much about the processing power and quality. There are extremely talented artists out there much better than either of us, but their stories are boring as fuck. Same old same old... my comics might be flashy and all that but at the end of the day its the story that makes it memorable and fun. That's why I emphasise so much on it.

      Your storylines are fun and the detail is definitely entertaining. Your work can definitely earn you some bucks. Thanks for dropping by, and definitely invest in a better PC. Get Poser 9 (or pro) and I'll be glad to help you with some details.


    2. Thanks a lot, man. Seriously, that means a lot.

      Like me you have to hide under a pseudonym, or pen name like authors did centuries ago to hide from witch hunts.
      Isn't it funny how we all need this to pump out the good stuff?
      I had to make a loop of extra junk email accounts so that I could have extra emails completely separate.
      I've used extra yahoo, and, msn account

      I'll post old stuff on the blog that's really risky, but not illegal.

      I keep telling people that you can do things in 3D that no mainstream hollywood investor will bother with. Mixing sex, with comedy is a huge “no-no” with the artsy fartsy crowd. Fun/good stories are hard to find since so much is categorized. Here in the US mainstream falls under family friendly, horror, serious art drama, or cheesy remakes. What happen to a good old fashion fun sexy crazy story telling not limited to a specific demographic?

      Looking forward to the morphs you're working on. Yes, I need an outlet, and you've definitely got me thinking, it can still be fun. Thanks, again.- cheers


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