Thursday, 29 November 2012

Holy tits! Erogenesis has a blog!

With the release of my third comic The Route, and with the upcoming release of Lali's Bits, I thought it best to set up my own blog for anyone interested to keep track of my progress and perhaps place useful comments.

Above you can see tabs about Lali, her comics, her naughty bits, and a link to Renderotica on which I have tons and tons images posted.

Over here is where I'll post any updates on Lali's Bits, comics, or fuck knows what.

If Lali's Bits are on your wish list, then please keep an eye on this blog because I might be asking important questions about your wishes concerning Lali's Bits. For now you can check info on Lali's Bits in this page and if you have any questions on it, post it here, or there on the page.

Please keep it decent :) 

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