Monday, 3 December 2012

Progress report: bending the curves

Yes yes, busy all day fine-tuning the JCM part of Lali's Bits. I actually added another morph for bending the leg backwards. Completely forgot about that one. 

Here you can see the results of today's work. This is just the Joint Correction Morphs around the hips. There are some extra morphs involved, like the ass bulging a bit more than V4 was designed to do. The pussy morphs will be sorted out tomorrow and it will ad many more options to what you see here. The area between bending -120 and sideways 20 to 40 sometimes becomes tricky but managed to make it look as pretty as I can. 

Below you'll also see the knee morph I'm going to try to include. Haven't tested it on the normal V4 rig (probably is the original but was in a hurry).

Plz excuse the shitty texture, its just a simple test version.

Any comments?


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