Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Progress Report: bit by bit

While I'm taking a rest over here at the lake and planning stuff for 2013, two very heroic individuals are taking a look at Lali's Bits and coming up with some solutions for the prop-loading. We just want to make sure everything will run as smoothly as possible for customers. I also hope that we can find a good workflow to make any future releases a smoother undertaking than the way its been with Lali's Bits up until now (and allowing me promise shit I can actually live up to).

One of those heroes has already started testing and says he's having fun in the process... I'll leave it up to you to imagine what he means by 'fun' haha. So its looking good.

I don't wanna plan too much just yet but generally I hope to be able to release some more face morphs and textures or perhaps an entire V4 based 'Lali Type' figure (in other words, a normal girl with fat on all the right places). But first I need to do some commission work and then I'm going to barge straight into the production of the first "Lali Lite" comic. It will be a small $6-$8 comic with just a lot of fun. It will be in line with the story but no big events will happen in it... except for a big penis perhaps. And once that's out the door I'll carry on with the next big Lali Adventure called "First Times" where Lali makes the F.I.S shit their pants when a routine mission goes belly-up.

That's it for now!

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