Saturday, 8 December 2012

Progress Report: Not too bad

After yesterday's epic battle with 9 zillion lines of pz2 code, I woke up to several emails and messages of hope (incl you Caramel :) ). Someone skilled in this area is now having a look at it. I hope he manages. Looking back at the renders from last night, not too bad. I just need to fix the following:
  • Random errors in the mesh.
  • Varying textures to fit other body maps out there.
  • Make a PDF explaining what's happening.
Make no mistake, the thing will work out of the box, but it will provide you with a range of options and I need to explain what and where to give you a vital head start. I tested it in Aiko for example, it works fine, but you do need to slide one dial bringing the vagina prop closer to the mesh.  That's all. I need to keep the system as versatile as possible.

I might have to come with an update INJ because with 20+ customers playing with it, I'll get PILES of questions.

Anyway check the renders below. Anal penetration!!! Whoo. Don't know why I'm excited about it cuz its really not my thing, but I've got a dial that sorts out some of the anal morphs and that is the result. Whoo!

This is thing thing about this system: there are enough morphs to get the thing you want. One dial might get some of it, but in combination, you'll probably get what you want. I'll try give some simple examples in the PDF.

Ok and then some tests on 3rd party V4 figures. Neela and Helena. Here you can see I need to make differing shades of textures for the vagina prop mats. 

Ok thats it for now. I hope we can get the INJ sorted out asap then we can test it.



  1. Good job, for the first time a realistic anal :D

  2. Outstanding news, bud! Having scrolled thru numerous .pz2 files myself, I can just imagine what you're dealing with here.

    If you need a fairly experienced tester, let me know! Keep up the good work....


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