Sunday, 24 November 2013

Comic date release, update, without the ranting :)

Some of you might have noticed the little rant I posted up earlier about Google Plus and Facebook and all that crap... let me spare you that now hihi.

Ok let me show you where I'm at now. I am rendering several scenes at the same time. Some of the scenes are so fucking big that I need to pose the characters in a separate file and later merge them into the scene because its just impossible otherwise!!! (see below) All the characters are now in position and now I'm just posing the fuck out of the last scenes. All in all it should be done by December 20.

So for the comic I made a few things like boxer shorts for M4 that can open, but also additional morphs for the M4 willy, the P3D business suit and much more other stuff. Some of this I could probably put in the shops if you want it.

So anyway, there's going to be a few fun surprises that I really cannot wait to see the reactions of. No it won't be Project E, but could've been close. Its almost ready for implementing but I wouldn't manage it before X-mas. Maybe the next comic?

Below is a whole bunch of test renders of the whole project, and below you can see some of the markers I use to put a scene together. I improved Lali's Bends, gave Xtina some rollerblades, etc etc...

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  1. Lali's looking great. Cute sandals. I had trouble finding cute realistic looking flats for V4. Can't wait to see how this all falls into place. I miss Lali's energy, and liveliness.


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