Saturday, 2 November 2013

Lali Lite - progress 50% (Oct 2013)

Christ on a bicycle! What a project. Well I'm finally making headway, just animating the big scenes first, then later I'll do the smaller 'cut scenes'. First scene is done, some small sneaky previews here for you to try and decipher :D 

Below are all the main scenes in order of appearance, just for fun. At the bottom are updates of the main room (I'm crazy)... and also a render of the detailled view outside, hopefully an improvement over the Stephen King scenery from before!

ok later!


  1. Amazing imagery Erogenesis. I'm really digging the bedroom scene with Lali. I don't know who that lower 2nd dude on the 1st image is, but he is mighty handsome, reminding me of myself, but I have blue eyes.
    I don't think Stephen King-ish is bad, unless that conflicts with the desired tone. It looks very nice, very British, old fashion. A great place to smoke cigars discussing late 1800 world politics, and the latest philosophical discoveries in science.
    I'd never do so much outdoor scenery unless it was in the story. Impressive work.

  2. Outstanding scene settings. Well done.


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