Sunday, 20 October 2013

Current state of things (Oct 2013)

Hey peeps, fans, fellow artists, pervs, humans and visitors,

Ok a quick update about where I'm at now. Some of you might have seen me post all sorts of shit over at Art of Darkness and Renderotica and off course over here on my blog, but I am still very busy doing my erogenesis stuff. So here's a list of what that actually is and where I am at with it:


Comic! Comic! Comic! Comic! I am now rendering the first scene of the comic called "Lali Lite #1: The Gentleman's Club". It was fucking slow going at first because I hadn't been in comic mode since I started preparing Lali's Bits for the store back in December of 2012! So I enlisted the girls to ask for your patience while I make this comic. Hihi!

Also, silly idiot that I am, I thought up the idea of a 'Lali Lite' with the intention to make a comic format that would be quick and easy to do to keep you entertained, but I am a victim of my own addiction for storytelling and detail!!!!!!!!! (like Epoch can testify to, right?). So I wouldn't be surprised if this comic will be longer than my other comics. Not to mention that this comic will also be introducing the three new characters, Laila, Julie and Christina (although Christina won't be taking part in the action just yet). More info on the girls over here. Also, the release of Poser Pro 2014 with all its new capabilities and gadgets hasn't helped me streamline anything, but just demands more perfection! There will also be some surprises in the comic... you'll see. Anyway, I just hope it will be worth the wait.

Here is a sneak preview of the first scene:

I made some detailed lip morphs for the Lali System for when she has to wrap them around some elongated object... just in case... you know...

wanna play?


Project E is on the shelf for the meanwhile, although I recently discovered a technical loophole that might help me speed up the development. I tried implementing it not so long ago but got stuck with mesh corrections (that just take a fucking long time to do). Right now I am busy with scene 1 (of 2) for the comic, and once that's done I'll try again and see if I can prep a prototype of Project E to use in the comic. If I succeed, it will be a hybrid between Project E and V4 (V4's head on PE) just to get the development going. If that works, then I can transfer it to the new mesh. 


Concerning my admin role on Renderotica, it was primarily to help out with announcements and some graphics etc. I am not in any way a moderator, I've never been a forum person. But about the new Renderotica, it is definitely changing and I can understand the worries people are having, and it seems that the crowd is kind of changing over there with certain people leaving and others arriving. 

For me personally, I've always been more of a gallery user than anything and it has therefore only become more interesting, because posting pictures has become easier, the site and presentation seems to improve every day, and the gallery features currently being developed seem very promising. The planned subscription sites also have potential, and I think I wanna try post mini-comics on there. Don't be too quick to leave Renderotica, I think it has the potential to become one of the best sites in 3D art once these teething problems are ironed out. I am honestly excited about it.


I just did a review on Affect3D's Girlfriends 4 Ever. Check it out! I found it quite exciting to do because it was my first review, and that of quite an epic piece of work by the owner of Affect3D! Let me know if I did well as a reviewer! Or not haha!


I made a tutorial recently called 'Anatomy of a render' and I hope to make more of them some time. I got some awesome comments on it and didn't realise it was that helpful. I'll gladly try make some more, when I have time. Let me know what you'd like to know about, any particular render you'd like me to explain?


  1. Here's hoping to get access to those mouth morphs! Good BJ morphs are hard to come by.

    1. hehehe, that is the general idea. After the comic I've been promising an update for a long time now, but wanna get this comic done first. I'll try include these in the update, although no promises just yet. Lali's Bits took long for a reason, V4 is a pain in the butt to cater morphs for ;) but in any case, Project E will have all this business.

    2. Don't sweat it man, quality takes time. I doubt any of us mind waiting for you to put your full attention into Project E.

      I hope it pans out, and you make quite the payoff!

  2. Can I ask some questions (I'm going to anyway ha ha).
    Do you use Posers Depth of Field or is this somehow postworked in?
    What do you do to get that motion blur?
    Lali's skin is insanely good in close-up- is the base skin an available product, how have you tweaked it (a secret?)
    Do you have something special planned for Christina - disappointed to hear she's not going to be in the next comic.
    Thanks EroG

    1. both, sometimes I use Poser's, sometimes the Z-Depth maps exported by the renderer.
      hehe yea it is tweaked beyond anything. Its a combination of existing textures and the face is from photographs of a girl I know.
      Yep I have plans for her don't worry. I wanted to feature christina in this comic, but this comic has been months in the planning, way before I introduced her, and I'd be delaying it even more to include Christina in it. She will have a small role but not sexually related. Hereafter I'll make one with her... hint: 'Disco Dragon' haha... and many many more

  3. Those mouth morphs are indeed very tempting! Can't wait to see that. On another topic, Christina... what sort of cursus is she following? We have a song here in France titled Christina. She's supposed to be a nurse. I'll have to get you a link to that one :D

    1. cursus? you mean studies? hehe she did computer sciences but did a minor in law which is what bought the girl together with the others.


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