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Review: Girlfriends 4 Ever by Miro

Welcome to my first review. I don't normally feel special enough to express my opinions on other people's stuff in such a way but this thing kind of does deserve to be mentioned... on ALL 3dx blogs! You’ll see why just now.

Why am I reviewing this? Well, partly reciprocation for what the guys at Affect3D have done for me, but mostly because of the production in question. You might be surprised because you thought that it’s not my thing, which might be somewhat true, but I feel I can still appreciate quality work even if its outside of my style.

Am I the right person to review something like this…? probably not haha, because I’ve been on the scene for about 2 years only, so I can hardly compare with what is out there. But at the same time, I have immersed myself in the suffering called V4 modeling with Lali’s Bits, so in a way I think I know pretty much exactly the pain the poor bastard had to go through to make this. That might give me some qualification to have some sort of sensible judgement over this production… or just a reason to stick all kinds of exotic feathers up his butt.

I will be borrowing a little from Affect3D’s reviewing format to structure this review.

PS: Let me know in the comments or through email if you think this was a good and fair review! Suggestions and critique are very welcome!


So you all know me as quite a busy character now, right? Things tend to slip past me every now and then, like this email I got from Affect3D talking about some Girlfriends Forever thing. Then a few weeks ago I finally took my ass over to Affect3D and ended up watching the preview.

Wait… preview? Video?? Ok I was expecting another one of those gravity defying minimalist picture series with penises big enough to hit a home run with, but suddenly there was music, voices... and movement... and what movement! I had seen that the artist was working on something quite detailed, but did not entirely expect this this. The preview alone fascinated me greatly. It promised something so outrageous; I could see some crazy morphing and cinematography going on. I needed to get it to see what it was all about (and by fuck, you should too).

Format & Design

Ok so just to clarify, we are talking about Affect3D's G4E (Girlfriends 4 Ever) made by the man from Affect3D himself, Miro. He made it in Poser (go Poser!), using two customized V4 figures, with highly detailed genital conforming props (figures actually) he made himself. The product ships as a 700Mb flash file and requires no installation (and if you have a normal Windows machine, you'll probably have the required flash player). 

The design of the whole production is in itself quite remarkable, with very nicely chosen fonts, buttons and color schemes. I can also appreciate their marketing approach by using the trendy 'G4E' concept.

Speaking as a moderately experienced flash animator, the whole flash file was put together very well. The file opens a very smoothly designed front page with some menu items with quite some options and extras. You play the main movie all in one go, or you can select scenes. The movie is a combination of cut scenes and looping animations from many different angles. There are a whole bunch of other options, like for example you can make your own playlist of the looping scenes, or check out a scene in xray mode, or even in 3D with 3D glasses. Overall, a very nicely executed product!


Being a musician myself, I must mention the music, which was very well done. It gave it a nice modern feel, as if you were entering an epic production… which is actually true. The retro-techno intro music also gave it a feel that these were rich college girls having a party!

The story

One thing remains true to the Affect3D experience: it has a very minimalist storyline. Nothing wrong with that obviously, it all depends on the scope of the production. It worked well with this one.

Basically what happens is as the blonde lady (Tara) lures / invites this brunette (Sayako) into this large spacious Victorian style hall, sits her down on a fancy chaise longue, and asks her if they can get naughty together, because she’s never done it with a girl before. After some persuasion that hints at a back story, the brunette somewhat reluctantly concedes, and then the fun begins. 

From thereon the movie goes into an oral scene where you see Sayako’s momentous appendage take form, and Tara’s reaction is quite funny in a way, although it might not entirely be intended that way. Then the bombastic action starts and rages on mercilessly until the end with quite a spectacular cumshot in between somewhere. There is an ending scene that I quite liked. It doesn't really serve any purpose besides a promise for the future, but it gave it a slightly more human touch after all that outrageous pounding.

The funny thing is that Tara begins the story by telling Sayako that she wants to do all kinds of things with her… but Sayako basically just ends up pounding Tara senseless!

The Girls

Ok the girls might be another thing that is true to the Affect3D experience, with the massive gravity-defying boobs and a gargantuan dick the size of a fire hydrant on the brunette (they call it a futarani, or futa)… except for the fact that now we see them moving and talking, which has been done quite well. Both girls have cute faces, Sayako sometimes has this 'I'm so sexy it hurts' look on her face. Both girls are V4 models, modified by Miro himself. 

Their voices were well done made it more believable than you would expect, although the lip-syncing was not always entirely accurate. The expressions of the ladies might have been minimal compared to what is possible with V4, but they did go along fairly well with the dialogue  Their movement was mostly good, with good body language also helping along the dialogue  sometimes a little stiff, and a few tiny errors here and there…  but for a first movie this is more than well done, and you hardly notice them. I know what animating is like, and it’s bloody tedious, and takes forever to get right. Errors are easy to make, and to miss. Miro’s brave attempt to get the boobs to move along with all the movement is commendable, although they seem a little rubbery at times. This I know is VERY hard to get right, but Miro’s attempt is definitely decent.

Their outfits, even though they wore it for only a small part of the movie, were pretty well done. Tara’s lace dress rendered very nicely! Tara’s ponytail is also very nicely done!!


Hehe, should I even bother comment on the graphics? The gang over at Affect3D have a reputation for extremely well executed renders, and this movie is no exception. The materials, textures and the render quality is perfect the whole way through.

Sex Scenes

When the action starts… its quite astounding, and…well, it’s not for the feint-hearted! Tara gets properly nailed by a 2 to 3 foot long phallus and I wouldn't be surprised if a few of you would spend a few seconds wondering about the anatomical problems such an intrusion would cause… before going right back to masturbating haha! I do think he should have written a disclaimer somewhere stating: do not try this at home!! Having said that, some of the positions are quite inventive!

We all know men’s fascination with their penis size, and despite the fact that the penis in this movie is attached to a girl, I think all men can somewhat relate to that erection (and secretly wishing we had one that size). So the scenes definitely work. 

The sex scenes are not depictions of a romantic roll in the hay, but rather a feat of sexual engineering at the hands of the talented Miro. Technically, the scenes are profound! Miro did an amazing job. The first time I watched these scenes I was just captivated by the quality of the morphing, especially how Tara’s poor vagina tightly grips Sayako’s stupendous shaft, or her mouth for that matter, how her lips get pulled in and out with the action. The morphs are so detailed that her lips contours even the veins in the penis. Superior craftsmanship, very well done!

The dick itself deserves a special mention. Sometimes it seems like it is its own character, reacting and flopping around almost like a real dick would. 
But even though this might not be entirely realistic, Miro still made sure that it was somewhat believable by showing Tara’s belly bulge up and down as she gets nailed.

Cinematography and the cut scenes

I was pleasantly surprised by Miro’s eye for composition, as evidenced in the cut scenes. There are a few nice details that he could have elaborated on IMO, like for example when the camera follows Tara’s hand up the side of her dress, or the last scene where the camera focusses on her foot. The shots of their faces during the dialog was what I would expect from a decent Hollywood production, in any case much better than the average porno movie.  

One thing I found funny was at the end when they’re talking, Tara pushes aside Sayako’s dick to say something haha!


I think it is an amazing production, I repeat: a feat of engineering, and in any case it is a showcase of Miro’s promising talent, and his potential to do really amazing things in the future. I will admit I was never greatly drawn to Affect3D’s minimalist productions, but G4E is something different. In the end, all emotions and psychological aspect put aside, sexual intercourse is a repetitive and mechanical event involving malleable and conforming flesh. Guys, let’s be honest, while we’re fucking the ladies, aren’t we looking down at the way we’re entering them? Well, Miro does just that, haha! (In fact I know enough ladies that try to do the same haha).

The only downsides I can think of is maybe the minimalist setting, and some of the small errors. But the latter is truly excusable considering this is Miro’s first movie of this scale, and the former is probably just a matter of taste. He might have over-extended the intro scene a little by repeating Tara’s walk a few too many times from different angles.

The main thing that struck me in this production was the presentation, the technical achievement of the sex scenes, and the little gems of cinematography in the cut scenes. Personally, with the skill and patience that he has shown, I think that if Miro would swap the sexdolls and pile-driver futaranis in for slightly more realistic ladies (I know, I know, tastes differ), and just make short animations like Pixar sometimes does, but then erotic, he could easily become very famous in CG Erotica, or even in general CG Art... but then again, maybe he can even pull it off with these dickgirls. Like I said, I've only been around 3DX a short while!

In conclusion, if futas and dickgirls is your thing, then by fuck buy this, buy it twice! But even if its not your taste, I think its still definitely worth buying, even if only to learn from it, or even just support Miro, because he deserves it. But I'd be surprised if you wouldn't be amazed at some point. In any case it has given me inspiration for my own work, maybe paying more attention to ostentatious sex scenes and animations and fulfilling the Freudian fantasies of my fans :)

You can get G4E over here, at Affect3D.

Well done Miro.

ok... now on with MY comic!


  1. Firstly... WOW what an amazing review! Now the thing being reviewed... I have only seen a brief short of it and what I saw blew my socks off (and yes, I have got socks and emu boots on, it is getting cold here in the UK now!)

    I am not into images of massive giant breasted, oiled up figures, and I really am not a futanami fan at all but, to be completely honestly I got so engrossed in the sheer raw, primal sexuality I never noticed any of that. I never watch porn movies, but if Miro (who I don't know at all so I am not just a friend backing him up) ever decided to do some straight boy on girl stuff I would trip over myself to buy it!

    I used to moderate on various sites and so I have seen thousands of animations through necessity and what is SO refreshing with this movie is the fantastic production values. It is apparently a huge file and it is worth it because of the amazing quality. I think the future looks exciting for animations with this guy making them.

  2. I am a Futanari fan... and Miro's production is best I have ever found. Yes, I bought it in pre-release and I almost never buy similar items... but I had to pay for this because it is worth every penny and then some. I've paid for all the updates since then too.


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