Saturday, 26 September 2015

One Project Down, two more to go!

Hey guys, just to show you I'm not 'all talk and no play' I completed my first 'comic' for the year! Whoo. It was actually a request, and it will be for free*!

While it is a small picture series I started a few months back, its still the first step in the right direction that started (partly by deciding to shelf Project E and wait for Poser 11) with hopefully part 1 of the Disco Dragon to follow (which will also be for free btw!). The third project of the year might either be part 2 of the Disco Dragon, or Sen's first comic. It depends which renders faster probably. 

Because the crowd renders of the DD are motherf**king slow, I've dedicated my two fastest computers on the job and it definitely makes a difference. I've also cleaned out all the scenes of unnecessary crap, light emissions and whatnot to also help speed it up. The renders still look good. My old i7 HP pc is getting used to model additional items for Sen's first comic, stuff like weapons, trees, straps, but also improving the sets in the comic and perhaps continuing the posing I started a few weeks back. 

In other words, all is going well on the comic front, I just need to press on!

*you do need to sell your soul to the devil first, but chances are you've already done that so... no worries! :D


  1. I don't believe I've ever known of anyone more diligent in 3d comic work flow than you. And to think you have to deal with raging monsoons, power outages, and pissed off horny stampeding elephants.

    1. yeah dude those elephants are the worst. You think you've had it all, and then along come those stampeding horny elephants. But hey, this is Africa! ;)

      lol cheers dude. We'll have a beer one day!

  2. Hopefully Poser 11's refinements help in speeding up all of our workflows.


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