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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Admin Privileges! Free shit ya'll!

Hey people, I just released a fun little series that you can pick up for free over at Rotica! 

It features my 'Rotica Girl' Ruby, who is taking classes at "ROTICA", the Royal Technical Institute and Crafts Academy :P lol

"One evening in the computer lab, she meets a classmate who is more than happy to share with her his Admin Privileges. After stealing a few glances across the room, they really get to know each other."

The party doesn't end there, hopefully within a week from now, you will be treated with another free publication: The Disco Dragon Part 1!

That they're both free is just a coincidence. I'd been planning the DDp1 to be free for a while now. All in the name of fun, people!!! Enjoy!


  1. Yup, Picked mine up as soon as it hit Renderotica! Good stuff!

  2. Very good.

    Erogenesis, i'm wrong or you'are using a penis build from yourself ?

    1. haha, no you're right. I made that gens myself.

      Lol I still have to get used to speaking about my creations... pussy, penis... pure business :P

  3. A buddy of mine who saw the Disco Dragon asked me if I knew what kind of rig you work on. Since he can'ts speak english, I'm forwarding his question to you :)

    1. you mean as in PC? two i7s 3.8GHz with 32Gb RAM. For the rest just Poser, 3D Max and Photoshop


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