Friday, 16 October 2015

Thank you & DDpt2 rendering now!

Phew, I needed a little break after all. That comic was a monster project! Anyway, back to work again. Like I said elsewhere I have already completed the storyboard of part 2 and also most of part 3. Scenes have all been built and scene 1 is already rendering as I type this :D

So please let allow me to thank everyone for taking interest and downloading the Disco Dragon part 1. I hope it entertained you much, and hopefully I can entertain you even more in future! Thanks to all those that left comments here on my Blog, or on Deviant Art or on Renderotica!

Just a small comment about the girls in this comic, yes they were all Project E but they were an older version, same as with Ruby in the free comic Admin Privileges. You can see Roxanna's shapes and bends are more improved in Part 1, and that's because she was the more advanced version of PE and she came later during the render process. For Part 2 all the girls are now updated to the new Project E figure, with better shoulder / arm rigging and slight adjustments to their shapes. Part 3 might have an even better version yet, especially when the highly anticipated Poser 11 will come out! In fact they might be a whole new mesh!

Cheers for now!

When you read the Disco Dragon pt1:


  1. jumped the wife... and also showed her your work, she likes your girls, the joy & mischief, the colors (she's a painter).


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