Thursday, 8 October 2015

Disco Dragon part 1 is OUT!!!!

Yaay! Go get it! its free!!!

More details later!


  1. Just finished part one...OMG Ero! I know i have said this before , multiple times but you never cease to impress, intimidate and inspire me. Your lighting is spot fucking on. In normal Firefly no less...that alone is amazing, but your posing, expressions, what you are able to acheive is amazing and I seriously have to wonder why you aren't doing this professionally for a day job...your work is so very that good.

    I can't wait for parts 2 and 3.

    1. thanks so much Mr. Underwood Sir! :D It gives me great pleasure reading that I inspire you. Now I better get moving quickly with part 2 and 3 haha! thanks so much man!

  2. Damn you Ero, DD1 ended way too soon, I was really getting into it. Great job by the way! Love the cinematic approach, it really makes your 3D skills shine and still feels like a comic, dare I even say 'film'? You really have a good grasp of how to pose people and expressions so they are believable and the dialog is very organic with just a touch of personality, not hoakey at all. Seriously, I loved it a lot and I am envious of your skills with ZBrush. Between DD1 and the extra materials included in the zip, I am hooked once again and looking for more.

  3. Was I the only one not knowing that Christina was a virgin? O_O


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