Friday, 4 January 2013

Back in action

Survived the holidays on the beach, my liver hates me now. Had a funny trip back home. Got hammered in the passenger's seat (had half a crate to myself) and pissed out of the window of a moving car. Then the car packed up and we had to clean the diesel filter with whisky. It worked haha. 

So anyway, my gear's all set up. Doing some commissions and at the same time testing the improved version of Lali's Bits Injection sorted out by a hero by the name of Ken. Still trying to decipher the last couple of issues and then hopefully enter a quick testing phase. 

Hope everyone has had good times!

Back to work baby!



  1. Sounds like a memorable trip, bubba! Now quit sodding off and get busy on Miss Lali and her naughty bits! :D

  2. yayayaya :) hope you had a good one too


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