Saturday, 19 January 2013

Progress Report: F5 will soon give results :)

The new and improved POSER version has gone for (hopefully) a final round of testing. Some of the changes made were due to suggestions from testers and some were already in the planning. Changes made are as follows:

The Injection:
  • reinstated missing morph correction "RandomOffsetNeutralizer"
  • renamed "Sexy Bitch Preset" to "Sexy Chick Preset"
  • linked original magnet deformers and V4 JCMs to "Remove Whole System" dial.
  • added some new morphs to the vagina prop, grouped under "Crazies".
  • removed Poser Pro and Poser 9 version dependencies on prop material
  • Poser Pro and Poser 9 version SSS prop material thus now optional
  • fixed the 'Open Mouth' dependencies
  • fixed Pussy Open 'sides' adjustment
The package:
  • Added Customized Icons
  • Added PNG texture template for bits region (this might not make it through testing due to copyright issues)
Still to be done:
  • Customer's Instruction Manual
  • copyright issues with the texture. I've done my best to reduce it to what I can remember as being my own texture.
  • version issues. the materials have been dealt with, pz2, pp2 headers have been checked... but not entirely sure if all version issues are gone now.
  • REM option: sorry but the INJ was hard enough. The system provides an option to remove it dynamically.
DAZ issues:
  • DAZ testers are coming up with differing results. The one says it works perfectly, the other says its completely distorted
  • converting it to an 'unbinarized' CR2 seems to help, but even then the results are unreliable.
  • Zev0's version seems most stable (proudly south african haha) is being a great help in trying to figure out what the difference is.
  • Therefore, no clue about when the DAZ version will be ready :(
However, if the tests are all positive about the Poser version, then I suppose its ready for sale... !! whoaa!

Below are the icons and the file structure.

If you want the Tester's Manual to have a sneak peak, email me, I'll send it to you. 
Title it: Requesting Lali Bits test Manual


  1. Any new model that comes with an upgrade from this point forward I will hyper-link that ass image.
    V,G,A,J,MK -5.6, 7.9, 10.20 won't buy if it can't accurately bend its ass & crotch.

  2. Looking good, hope everything goes smoothly from here to release.

    Sounds like it's been very headache inducing getting it this far. Don't want to add to it, but can't help but think ahead of things.

    Wish there was a way to subdivide the hip to get more polygon real estate to work with. Snarly's Subdivider is cool, but it converts the figure to a prop, so not much help there.
    If you decide to do a Daz Genesis version, wonder if the geo-grafting will make things easier or not.

    Curious if any of the testers are using it with weightmapped V4 or with Xameva's full body bend fixes, etc.

    1. Yeah its going quite well now. Some small version errors but nothing too scary. Yeah is was a &$&*#ing headache, but we might supply some updates in future.

      According to HZR (on Affect3D) the geografting thing is an option, but I know bugger all about Genesis. Miro from Affect3D is successfully doing it I think.

      WM and Xameva's stuff? not 100% sure, but like I said in the post after this one, I'm sure one can combine it somehow.


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