Monday, 7 January 2013

Lali... or Lali's Bits

Hm, I'm getting a tad worried here. I just wanna make sure we're all on the same page: I sometimes get the impression from certain comments (not only yours nakedfunn) that people are expecting the actual Lali character in their runtimes, like the Lali in the comics. 

Sorry, nope... just her pussy and tits etc...

So: Lali's Bits are... well, her bits. So you can inject it into your own V4 babe and make her do what Lali can do:

  1. bending, spreading legs
  2. vaginal intercourse
  3. anal intercourse
  4. vaginal, vulva shapes
  5. boob shapes
  6. two Lali smiles
  7. and a few more things
Maybe, maybe, maybe in future, if I can speed up the injection-making process (because this is just terrible) I'll release an update, and a 'Lali Type' V4 figure. But that's after a few comics.

Hope all is clear :)


  1. No,
    I should have read this before I commented on the other.
    As I mentioned, I wouldn't want to duplicate her. I'm BIG, no make that FUCKING HUGE on originality.

    Its not mine unless there is something unique about my character. Maybe there are people accustomed to duplicating other people's models, but not me.

    1. hehehehe ok phew,
      but I'd be honoured if people would try... off course if they'd make a comic out of it, hmm... HMM!

      btw, just saw your email. I'll check just now. First need to do a few things


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