Monday, 21 January 2013

Crashing into a wall: Groups and GroupNodes

It was too good to be true.

Poser coding is like handling a bar of soap, without instructions. Everything on Lali's Bits is working very well, except now on different machines it kicks out all the DAZ groups and lumps all your Morph++ stuff under the "Other" groupNode. Reloading Morphs++ has no effect thereafter. Other machines work fine. Its not a Poser Version issue apparently because while it does work on one Poser 2012, it doesn't work on the other, and the same with Poser 2010... 

We're all looking into this mystery... its amazing how vague Poser files are put together. I cannot find the logic at all. Any tips?

I'm going to be quiet until everything is sorted out. Poser seems to have other plans for Lali's Bits.

later on: OMG! I type in "customize poser groupnode" in google and my blog is like 6 items down. Am I the only one doing this shit?? haha

off to bed, try again tomorrow.

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