Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Progress Report: testing testing 1, 2, 3...

Ok so the first results are in. DAZ users, unite. Seems like you have a problem. PMDs not supported by DAZ. Talk to HZR from Affect3D. Anyone out there that wants to take this bitch on?

Correction thanks to Zev0 (another south african): "It does work in Daz. Had to just resave it [in poser] with external binaries off."

But how do we get it in CR2 form without getting into legal trouble with DAZ? The only way out would be to add all the morph data in the INJ pz2. Is anyone willing to do that? I cannot cover the cost of your therapist afterwards, but I can make a deal with you...

For the rest, its in testing right now. I hope I've included everything because its just MASSIVE! A daz user dared to take it on without the instructions. He's now crying in the corner in an embryo position. Poor man. 

One major big fucking note to everyone, and for fuck sake read this: there are heroes in this world. Some are called Ken. While I am struggling with the mounting workload called Lali's Fucking Bits, with 150+ morphs, interconnected, JCM'med, with generic fucking names that you have to skillfully make sure it all gets renamed properly, a MILLION braces zoning in and out of your vague code where even PhilC says something like: its too BIG!!... along comes this gentle buddha of a being called Ken and says hey, can I help? I say, hey, sure. I send him my shit. He sorts it out......

The dude sorts it out.

... fuck me sideways and call me twinkletoes on steroids WTF???? Dude just sorts it out. His backgroud? C#. 

There's this statue, of this Naval Hero, called Admiral Nelson. Knock that shit down and put Ken up there please. 

So anyway, major Kudos to him, the world is a better place now. And to all that say: oh hurry up... please go and buy Xameva's Automatic Fix. its finished, ready, sizzling, available... they worked hard on it. But that's all safely in the past :) Or even better!: buy zBrush, make it yourself... all 150+ morphs... Who knows, maybe you're even faster than me ;) to speed up your progress, read the whole of fucking zBrush Central!!! yippeee! btw: if all doesn't go to plan, phone Smith Micro, the makers of the ($500 professional) program that you set it all up in. I'm sure they'll help you ease the pain of making an INJ file! ;) whii... In the meanwhile, try not to die of a lightning strike, diesel fumes (filling the generator because some electricity pole fell over during a violent storm last night), or of a blue screen, or of stress... ok? Guys, seriously, Lali's Bits is not a joke ok? Its taking long for a reason. (not directed at you happy nakedfunn, naughty texboy, or sexy caramel, smooth target1, and all those other amazing fans with love, support, perversion, selfless compassion and some sense of the inhumanity called pz2... hehe)

Ok, that's it for now. Let's hear it from the testers.

EMAIL ME if you want a copy of the testers manual! (or if you have free space on your server to host it so that others can download it)



  1. I hope that is enough and the right testers report for lali bits.
    I myself am a newbie in things 3D

    I wish I could help.
    I keeping my fingers crossed that we can admire your work

    1. thanks thanks, I hope it won't disappoint!

  2. Sounds like you're busting your ass getting this out and ready. I hope that you'll be admired by many that few have had the “balls”, relentless persistence, and willpower to pursue.

    Nobody in the industry wants to do it (this ridiculous feat), but so many want it so badly. It takes a guy in South Africa with hard work to pump this out. Seriously, you have my great respect in I don't yet know how to echo.

    1. Thanks! I really threw myself in the deep end with this one... expecting it to be a piece of cake. Making Lali was easy, this injection... worse than the GeoICT PhD I did. It feels like I just stepped in a big, steaming pile of buffalo shit, on bare feet!

  3. Thank you for all the hard work you've put in it and for the fun we had with Lali comics, pictures and chat :-)

    1. haha, that chats also help me from going insane. Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Kudos to you and Ken from your biggest supporter across the Pond! I'd definitely leave home for Lali, and I'd sure like to buy you a beer.... then we could maybe go get medieval on some fucking poachers!

    Good work, lad!


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