Sunday, 20 January 2013

Progress Report: tomorrow final verdict & WM questions

Tomorrow I'm going to send around one last email to my testers for a final definitive verdict, and then its done. In the meanwhile, check out Texboy's render with the test version of Lali's Bits.

Lali's Bits @ Art of Darkness

You'll probably need to register, but its worth it I think. Seems like an interesting site!

So, while I've been biting my nails and shivering nervously due to the wait, I've made a few concept renders for future comics. Check them on Rotica

BTW, for DAZ users, seems like its a version issue. Older versions of DAZ didn't support Poser-made dependencies (thank you Matthacker & Zev0). But even in the latest DAZ there are some small oddities, though far less than in the older ones. We're almost there!!!

Now I am expecting a PILE of emails after the release, not due to errors, but due to things like this, compatibility, material issues. So for the instruction manual, I'm going to add as many tips, suggestions, guidelines, troubleshooting scenarios, that I can think of. One of the things I'll try to cover is how to combine this with other Automatic Fixes and / or Weight Mapped versions of V4 (about which I'm suddenly getting piles of emails haha). Now I have fuck all experience in WM (like 2 minutes) but I roughly know the deal. It should be easy to deal with.

Although Lali's Bits is comparatively easy to use and get nice renders out of, the possibilities are endless and you have to be quite alert to oversee all the options. Sometimes I also forget about a certain parameter and accidentally remake it and then later realise I already made it! So I really, REALLY, want to emphasize that when it comes out, RTFM!!!!! because then it will me a lot more fun for you.

PS: I just read that Lali's Bits is apparently quite large. And to think that Lali's Bits is just a selection of the actual Lali System. I just checked. The most recent Lali System in my runtime is 273Mb! If its too big, I suggest removing the morphs that you don't need. Maybe I need to make a LB Lite?

Quote from Texboy @ Art of Darkness: "plus, there are about a zillion morphs controlling other things, such as thighs, breasts, bunghole.... V4 ballooned up to 175 MB.... the possibilities are endless for a skilled technician and dial-twister!"

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  1. So, what you are saying is that I need to get up off my butt and finish building my cluster and quit thinking that I can get away with continuing to run Daz/Poser from a laptop... Is that what you are saying? LMAO...


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